This year, the weather was perfect – cool and cloudy, without any rain. I got to see Anne Hanson of Knitspot, Carin from Round the Twist, Leslie and Laura of The Knitgirllls, Stephen West, Ysolda Teague, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and many more. Some of my favorite vendors were there, and I managed to [mostly] stick to my list AND my budget.



This year, the Rhinebeck swag t-shirts came in v-neck and crew neck. I ended up with a v-neck, and I hope that other vendors pick up on it, too. I’m a busty girl, and crew neck is not my best look.


I’ve been eyeing getting a pattern protector for a while now. I usually keep my paper patterns in a plastic sleeve, but because of how my knitting has been going the past few years, I thought an actual protector might save me some of the heart ache of trying to remember where I was in my pattern because of the highlighter tape fell off. This one is from go Monkey designs. I have a few of her magnetic pattern holders, and the big bags she had this year were FABULOUS. I’m really looking forward to using this.


Matt convinced me to buy theses carbon double point needles because I am hard on the ones I own. The bamboo needles break and splinter, and I have actually broken/snapped a set of Addi double points. I have little more luck with small circulars. I’m not a particularly tight knitter, but my hands get very warm, and it makes the needles bend. The vendor [who was very nice, by the by, and I was able to spend some time talking with her] said that she’s had a lot of success with the carbon not bending or breaking. As you can see, the ends are not the pointiest ends ever, but I think I can use a bit of fine grain sand paper to sort that out.


I don’t think that really needs a lot of explanation, no? [It was a toss up between this one, and the on that said “I’d rather be hooking”. Ahem.]


My favorite thing from Rhinebeck, however, is the Tsock Tsarina kit for the Vintage Socks. I’ve been hemming and hawing over getting this kit ever since the Yarn Harlot knit it in 2008. They had it in my size AND in purple, so into my bag it went. I have to finish the socks I’m knitting now, and a pair of socks as a Christmas gift for a friend, and then these, these are mine.

I really hope that I get the opportunity to go again [it usually falls on my wedding anniversary, and funnily enough, Matt doesn’t want to do only a fibre show] sometime in the future. Rhinebeck really is my favorite festival out of all the ones I attend.