Project: Thank You Gift

I’m finished with quite a few things actually.

I would say that the most important thing is I’m finished with my undergraduate degree! I took my last final and turned in my last paper yesterday! [I’m a little excited, you’ll have to forgive the exclamation marks.] I never thought that I would finish school; the emphasis was GO to college, not DO things AFTER college.

We’re still working on that.

During my last paper, I needed to take breaks to let my brain rest. I actually got the most done out my week of studying when I took knitting breaks; funny how that works.

Pattern: A Better Bucket


Yarn: Paton’s Classic Merino, Colorway Palais

Started and Finished: 12 May 2008

Notes: I went up a needle size because I wanted a looser hat to wear in the winter when my hair is pretty, so it doesn’t get smooshed. This didn’t take very long to knit; the pattern is very simple to follow and execute, and would be a great beginners pattern. I did do the provisional cast on, and that worked very well. All in all, a successful get-the-paper-done hat.

I also finished a gift for a friend. I’m going to the Seattle area for two weeks, and she and her family are putting me and another friend up for the two weeks. As a thank you, I knitted her a little something.


I don’t want to say what the pattern is just yet, so just a peek until she gets it. I loved it, once I figured out how to count past 9. 😀