Project: Socks

I’m working on a pair of socks for my friend M. We were at Maryland Sheep & Wool earlier this year, and we wandered into the Tsock Tsarina booth. She had quite a few kits, and the Abbey kit caught M’s eye. She is more of a complicated-Niebling-lace-shawl knitter, so I told her that if she bought the kit, I would knit them for her for Christmas. I cast these on last week, and I’m a bit further than the pictures below. I should finish the first sock tomorrow, when there is more light and my eyes aren’t as tired.


M has teeny feet, so the foot is rather small, and the Daisy stitch patterning makes it nice and snug.

I really like the heel construction on these socks.

The heel flap and gusset is GENIUS.

I’m so pleased with how tidy the cabled details are turning out. These socks are just fiddly enough for my brain to be happy.


I’m slowly picking away at my latest pair of plain socks for me. I’m picking up speed though – I want to knit ALL OF THE SOCKS. I picked up a kit at Rhinebeck this weekend (more on that later) and I have all of these stripey yarns, and yarns for Matt socks.

So, I need to finish these first. I’m knitting my usual stockinette stock with a few twists: a twisted garter stitch cuff, and a different heel treatment. I really love how the yarn striped on the heel turn. I’m hoping to finish these this week, so I can start on a new pair. (Sorry, bad phone picture is bad.)

I will not ignore all of the things I’m knitting and cast on socks with this yarn:



I will finish the socks for G’s dad. No matter how uninteresting they are to knit. I will finish them today, so I can knit on socks for me.

Giant Pink Knee High Socks

Last year at Rhinebeck, I bought two skeins of Socks that Rock Lightweight by Blue Moon Fiber Arts in Psycho Barbie, with the intention of knitting a pair of knee high socks.

I wanted to use my standard sock pattern, which is a top down, and I don’t like knitting socks from the toe up. I had a great idea in the shower when I was in Rhinebeck on how I could execute the socks in a way that would make me happy.

It’s probably overly complicated, but so far, I’m pretty happy with how they are coming out.

I cast on 64 stitches using a crochet provisional cast on. I knit an 8 inch cuff, a 32 row heel flap, turned the heel, decreased back down to 64 stitches, ran down the foot, and decreased and kitchenered the toe.

I picked up all of the stitches on both socks, and am using a long needle to magic loop both socks at the same time, and am doing lifted increases at the back of the leg with a 2 stitch distance between them. Every inch or so I’m trying them on and increasing as needed. (I’m being smart and doing it at the same time so that they match. I don’t want to rip out.) I’m hoping to have these finished soon.

Sheepy Baby Blanket

My cousin A’s son was due at the end of May, so I had picked out a pattern my friend M uses all the time for baby blankets in March, thinking I had plenty of time to knit the blanket. Then Little L came about 10 weeks early.

I’ve cast on and am about 3/5 of the way done with the blanket. I love the fabric and the 3-D sheep with the little ears for baby fingers to fondle.

I got the yarn at 30% off at Old Town Needleworks in Manassas, and I think I’m going to end up using all 10 skeins. I can only knit a little bit of this at a time, because the cotton hurts my hands. I need to get working on this, since Little L should be out of the hospital soon and home, and I want him to have something lovely and snuggly to have when he gets there.

Dad’s Sweater

Dad’s sweater is back in the rotation. I took it down about a month ago to make sure it fit (AND IT DID. PRAISE THE YARN GODDESS. HAIL FITTING SWEATER!), and have put it back on the needles with a new cord (the last one broke). I’ve looked at it a lot, and need to put it into rotation. I want to get this done this year.


I’m working on the fibre that I got in Colorado the second to last time that I went to visit my grandmother before she passed. I’ve been thinking about her a lot, so when I finished the mohair/silk blend that I was spinning, I put this on the wheel. I wanted something with color!

I’m fractal spinning it, and am working on the long repeat part now. I’ve spun about 5.5 ounces so far, mostly while watching Castle with my husband on Monday nights. The last night that I was working on it, the flyer on my Ashford Traveller split the rest of the way, so I need to glue it back together before I can keep working on this particular piece. After I’m done with this, I’m going to go back to the 100% mohair I have from Giant Cricket Farms so that it can be done and I can start a vest for Matt.

Upcoming Things

I’m planning on casting on Lyttleton and BMC by Kate Davies after I finish one more project, probably the socks. I’m going to do some secret knitting for a family member, and then work on some secret knitting for a friend. Then, THEN, I will knit more for me. I want to cast on a big shawl, probably the [peacock something] in Wollmeise. Yes, my pretty, Wollmeise.

Drive by FOs, before all the Olympic knitting!!

A stash buster! This yarn should look familiar. I used it two years ago to make a Swallowtail shawl for my friend Elle. I had enough to make a pair of socks out of each yarn, but I could never find a pattern for either. I loved how this turned out, even if I ran out of the light blue yarn about six inches from the end, Luckily, I had enough to finish, and add tassels to the ends to make it fun. I’ve been wearing this in all the crazy weather we’ve been having lately. The only ‘mod’ I made was striping the two different yarns with one another.

Baktus |Farmhouse Yarns- Fannie’s Fingering Weight & Knit Picks Bare – Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight

| US 4  [3.5 mm] | 19 Jan – 30 Jan 2010
I was supposed to make my brother in law a cheesecake for his birthday, but due to our current living circumstances, finding a kitchen in which to bake is difficult. His feet were cold, and I offered to make him slippers instead. I cruised the Ravelry pages, and TA DA. I wanted to make these slippers anyways (and I have the pink and black yarn to make a striped pair), so this was the perfect opportunity for a dry run.
I had to run them through 1 1/2 cycles in the washing machine for them to fit my BiL’s feet. He loves them, and they fit perfectly. This pattern is really well written, and I can’t wait to make a pair for myself. I cast on for the largest size, using the green for the cuff, and then knit 12 inches before starting the toe. I’m really glad I did, as I barely had enough to finish the second foot. I think I had maybe 2 yards left over.
Elf Shoes | Patons Wool Classic in Bright Red & Bright Green | US 10.5 [6.5 mm] | 2 Feb – 3 Feb 2010
Another something for the BiL. He asked me for a scarf… oh… about 2 years ago. I finally got around to knitting one for him. This pattern was a good knit for being around people, as there are only two rows that have patterning. I love the knit on i-cord edging, which I’ve never done before. I plan on using it on the edge of a scarf I’m reknitting for Matt. It ended up being 7″ x 70″, and I only did 8″ of ribbing on either end.
Luke’s Toasty Scarf | Caron Simply Soft | US 8 [mm] | 15 Jan – 8 Feb 2010
Something for me!
This hat was infuriating.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was easy to knit, fun to knit, and the pattern, once I relearned how to read English, was well written.
The problem was that I knit it as written and it was too small.

I don’t know many grown adults that have 16″ heads. I ripped the hat out, screeched, and then cast on again. And then cast on again, since I forgot to make the 1×1 rib from the Italian cast on to a 2×2. Once that was all figured out, I sat down and finished this in one evening. The only real modification I made to this was to cast on stitches for an extra repeat around, and then knit enough repeats for the man hat.
It fits perfectly now, and I love it.
Koolhaas | Dream in Color Classy | US 5 [3.75] /US 8  [5] | 6 Jan – 11 Feb 2010

I took simple kitting with me when I spent the holidays with my family. We spend a lot of time together, eating, hanging out, watching movies, and, this time, being horribly ill.

I’ve wanted the Regia Nationals Yarn for a while, ever since I saw that I could make a pair of socks that striped in the pattern of the German flag. I took six years of German, and have German heritage, and so Germany has a soft place in my heart. What better way to show my interest than on my feet? [Hey, some people get tattoos. This is a little less permanent.]


I tried knitting these toe up, so that I could knit as much as possible, but I really, really prefer to work from the top down. It makes me get the long leg done first before I get to all the interesting knitting from the heel down.

So, I ripped the socks out, and started over again.

The cuffs are about eight inches long, done in my usual vanilla sock pattern. I knit the heels with Dale Ull, since I didn’t want to mess with the stripe repeat. This resulted in a squooshy, comfortable heel. Regia wears like iron, but I’m glad to have a softer heel. I don’t really have a lot of wear on the heel of my socks anyways, since I usually wear clogs.

When all was said and knit, I could have knit one more repeat on the leg, but I have enough left over that I can make a little pair of fingerless mitts or wristlets. For now, the yarn is going into the leftover bag.


My Vanilla Sock Pattern | Regia Nations: Germany / Dale Ull | US 0 [2.0mm]

I know I had said that I wasn’t going to do any knitting for Christmas this year.

I kind of technically didn’t, because these socks weren’t meant to be a Christmas gift, but things got shifted around, and these ended up as a gift for my Mother in Law for Christmas instead of her birthday.

Basic MiL Socks |  Elann Esprit |  US 3 [3.25 mm]

They are cotton, as she shares the same wool allergy that Matt does. Summarily put on over her stockings, she declared them ‘wonderful’. I’m glad she likes them! [And am even more glad that I only have enough left of this yarn for myself to make a short pair of Gentleman’s Saki socks.]