Project: Matt’s Socks

And, verily, I say unto you, let there be socks.

Not just any socks, but Birthday Socks.

Matt received his socks with great aplomb, then wore them for 48 hours straight before they were sacrificed succumbed to soap.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out, and can’t wait to start a pair for myself.

Pattern: Gentleman’s Fancy Socks for everything but the toes, which were glomped from Sake Socks.

Needles: [2] US 1 | 2.25 mm Addi Turbo Lace

Yarn: Elann Esprit solid, about 2 1/2 balls

Time: 26 March – 19 July 2009

Happy Birthday, Love.


This is the last picture I could get before the light went bad yesterday:

All the knitting is actually done for my CPH, and it was washed and blocked last night. All I really need for it now is the 2-way zipper, the backing ribbon, and the patience to sew in the zipper by hand. The button band had over 300 stitches in it; it took me most of yesterday to knit it. I’m really, really pleased with this sweater, and am looking forward to finishing it and having a post detailing all my mods.

Speaking of mods, the mod on the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock into the Gentleman’s Fancy Tabi Sock Part 1 was successful.

I used the shaping from the Sake Socks, and am very very pleased. I’m definitely going to make a pair of ankle socks in this exact pattern for me. I think I need to re-work the part that has all the little toes, but I’ll futz with it on my socks; I’m not reknitting these.

Last night I went to Laura’s to knit with a few ladies from her church. I didn’t get as much knitting as I had planned, but that was because I was helping new knitters and talking and eating some fabulous cookie thing. [I took one for Matt. He loved them, too.] I didn’t have anything on the needles, so I decided to go ahead and start Matt’s birthday socks. We’re going to get really busy starting next month, traveling and weddings and the like, so I wanted to get a head start.

I’m knitting Nancy Bush’s Gentleman’s Fancy Sock. The pattern repeat is so much easier than it looks, and was perfect for chatting and knitting. I’m planning on making them even more fancy by making the tabi toes. Matt loves the pair he received as a gift a few years ago, and requested that his next pair of socks have those toes.

Speaking of fancy, I finished plying the first bobbin of the 50/50 mohair/silk I bought from Colleen last spring. In the effort to spin things up before MD S&W, this 8 oz was the first in the queue.  Spinning is so much safer right now because everything I’ve tried to knit has gone to pot.

I’m spinning it at a heavy lace/light fingering weight with the idea of knitting this into a shawl. The silky sheen and mohair-y fuzz are fantastic. I don’t know what the yardage is, because I’m going to spin the end of the bobbin onto the next on as I put it on the niddy noddy so that I have just one long uninterrupted ball o’ goodness. I haven’t decided if I’m going to leave it natural, or dye it. The plan for this weekend is to spin up and ply another 2 bobbins with the idea of finishing the spinning sometime next week.

I hope y’all in the US had a great Thanksgiving- I did.  Along with eating all sorts of fantastic food, I took quite a bit of knitting with me. When I told Matt how much I had packed in my knitting bag, he scoffed and looked at me to make sure I wasn’t feverish.

“I think you may have overpacked, dear,” he said, looking at the bag near over flowing.

HA. Christmas knitting has almost been, if you’ll excuse my language, spanked, thanks to a nice long visit with family for the holiday.

Turn a Square

I went down a needle size from the recommended and it’s still huge on my head. My brother’s head is a little larger than mine, and he has big, fluffly, curly, emo hair. This will keep his head warm as he’s out working with out messing with his ‘do. I think I want to make one for myself that’s a bit smaller. I think if I just take out 8 stiches or so from my orignal cast on, then it’ll fit me fine. This took a few movies and some Christmas decorating to finish.


I knit this out of the leftovers from my FLS. [Which is done, by the way, and I’ve worn it. I’m really enjoying it; I just need Matt to take FO pics for me. Maybe this weekend?] This is another Christmas gift off the list. MUAHAHAHA.

That was it for the Christmas knitting that I could do in public while visiting family.  I also took along some yarn just for stash busting, which resulted in a Baby Surprise Jacket that just needs to be put together, and this:


This is knit out of a ball of Royal Llama Silk. I LOVE this yarn. It’s warm, slightly shiny, and just so, so SOFT. I want to make a whole sweater out of this because I could wear it against my skin. Price, however, will probably keep me from doing this. Yeeeah. I had to knit it twice because I didn’t get gague with the recommended needle size. It’s still a little big, and needs a button, but I’m really looking forward to wearing it.

Shifting Garter Rib Socks

I’m THIS close to being done with Matt’s Christmas socks. I have one repeat left on the foot and then the toes. Depending on what I get done tonight, I’ll finish them up tonight or tomorrow at Knit night.

Please ignore my autumn pedicure- I changed it up today.  All I have after Matt’s socks is a shawl, and at one repeat a day, I’ll easily finish it by Christmas, including blocking.

I’ve a new camera, and I haven’t figured out it’s sweet spot yet, but I’m having loads of fun playing with it. Knitting is so cool in eight mega pixels with macro and zoom. It may be too much camera for this knitter.

Happy knitting! I hope you’re holiday knitting is going well?

As I mentioned before, I finished Matt’s anniversary socks well before that day. He loved them; so much in fact, he stuck his feet in the air and demanded that they be worn that instant, to bed, and then off to work the next day.

His enthusiasm for handknit socks is one of the reasons I try to knit a pair for him for every gift giving occasion. Luckily, our feet are practically the same size, his are just a bit longer, so I can try his socks on as  I go to make sure that they’ll fit. I can also use these as a reference for other socks knitted in the Classic Elite. I have enough to stock him in socks for quite a while.

Pattern: My standard top down, 64 stitches, slip stitch heel flap, contrasting toe, heel, and band

Yarn: Classic Elite Esprit solid, 2 balls Gold, 1/2 ball Red

Needles: US 1 [2.25mm] DPN

Next up in the round up are the Monkey Socks I knit for myself.

[My legs really aren’t that white, I promise. We had funny indoor light.]

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A

Yarn: Schaffer Anne Sockittome in Northern Lights

Needles: US 1 [2.25mm], 2 circs

I knit a pair for Manda in Florida, and I wanted a pair for myself, but longer. I added an extra repeat to the leg, and had six on the foot, and had a ton of yarn left over. I have enough left over that I could have done two extra repeats on the leg. I like my socks tall as it is, and they hit right below where my calf starts to get shapely. I’m really, really excited with how these turned out. The colorway is impossible for my camera to capture just right, it’s a lot more saturated and contrasting than the photo makes it look.

I tried the Eye of the Partidge heel for these, and I love how they turned out. The little bursts of color are perfect for the alternating slipped stitches. Matt and I were down with a bug and then a slight case of food poisoing, so these were my companions last week. Laying in bed was about all I was good for, and it gave me the motivation to just get them done already. Socks this simple really shouldn’t take me six weeks to knit.

[Matt got in the way here with is white socks, and it made me giggle so much I had to share]

So, I finished two pairs of socks in October, and that makes me feel pretty good.

I started one other pair, though, Halloween night, while waiting for Matt to get home from his play date. Once again, turning to the cotton/nylon Classic Elite sock stash. They are for him, for Christmas, and he doesn’t know about them and hasn’t seen them yet. He requested a ‘pattern’ on his next pair, so a pattern he gets.

I’m calling them the Shifting Rib socks, as they are a gater rib pattern for 5 rounds before shifting over one stitch. Easy enough for car knitting, interesting enough I won’t fall asleep. That’s almost the whole leg for the first sock. I think I should be able to get these done for Christmas with no issue. It’s the only planned Christmas knitting I have for this year, as I’m taking the year off. Anything else that gets knitted is pure coincidence.

Socks are always on the needles. They are usually for me; socks are the one thing I tend to knit for myself that don’t get gifted, though I’ve been finding myself making them for gifts lately.

The Anniversary Socks are coming along. The first one looks like this:

And the second one is about an inch short of starting the color change for the red toes. Matt already likes them; he had to try them on so I could make sure they weren’t too short. It’s the first time I’ve knitted him socks with something resembling fingering weight yarn, so I couldn’t count rows like I did with the other two pairs.  I’ll have these to use as a reference point for the Christmas pair about which he knows NOTHING, for once.

The problem is simple, though- which pattern to make for him?

There are the Boyfriend Socks, or socks using the double helix cable I used for his scarf [he’s hinted about this, loudly], or something else? Matt has specifically said he wants a patterned sock for his next pair. He doesn’t have a color preference usually. Unlike most men, Matt is not afraid of color, but he doesn’t want a “girly pattern.”

Bah. Men.

Speaking of patterns, I’ve decided to put out the pattern for my Cabled Trouser Socks. I need to do a little editing, but it’ll be available in three different sizes, I think. I’m a little stuck on the calf shaping, but I’ve been doing some research there, so, we’ll see. I’m trying to avoid a fifteen page pattern for something that really doesn’t need that much information.

Happy Sunday!

I unintentionally took a summer break from blogging. I’ve been all over the place this summer, Washington State, Colorado, Virginia Beach, and a lot of my time has been set on getting ready for my trip or recovering. Who knew traveling could take so much out of a person? We didn’t travel much when I was a kid; too expensive and the like. I’m trying to make up for it now that I’m older and in my own house hold.

I have been knitting, a little.

I got the STR in Corbie, for my graduation shawl, and I love it. I wish that I had ordered one more skein to make the shawl longer; it’s a little more squat than what I would have wanted, but other than that I’m charmed. Anne Hanson
designs the most delightful shawls. I actually want to make every single one of them. Her directions, and charts, are clear and well explained. She doesn’t have a lot of extraneous information.

Pattern: Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach
Yarn: Socks that Rock Lightweight in Corbie
Needles: US 6
Modifications: None, really, except the number of repeats of each chart.


It’s really difficult for the camera I have to get an accurate photo of the depth of color this yarn has, and I’m not really proficient in PhotoShop. It’s a base of black, with greens and blues. I absolutely love it, and am anxiously awaiting colder weather so I can wear it out of the house. I meant to get this done before I went to Seattle; that totally didn’t happen. I knit a sweater instead, but I actually don’t have any pictures of that, even though it’s hanging right next to me in the hall closet.


Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina
Yarn:Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Multiringel
Needles: US 1
Modifications: I made the heel flap a little longer, as I have a long, narrow heel, as well as a picot top. I saw this somewhere, I don’t remember where, and just loved it.

I think I may be one of the last people on earth to knit Grumperina’s Jaywalker pattern. I thought this would be a good pattern for the yarn- and it turns out I was correct. I’m actually done with these, but they are in my sock drawer, and I’m too lazy to go get them and put them on. I love this pattern, and I’m sure that I’ll knit it again. It’s something nice to do instead of a plain stockinette sock. There has been more, and more articulate, things said about the Jaywalker, so, we’re moving on.


More socks!


Pattern: Monkey Socks by Cookie A
Yarn: Elann Esprit Print, color 9034
Needles: US 1
Mods: none, except for the number of repeats knitted before starting the heel, which was one.


I love this pattern. I swear, I’m like a lemming, but six months after the fact. These are a birthday gift for a friend, but I’m 99% sure she doesn’t read this blog, so I feel safe posting them. I’ve never worked with this yarn before, and I like it. It makes the socks a little bullet-proof feeling, but I’m hoping that’ll just mean that they’ll last longer. She lived in Florida, so I though that short cotton socks would work much better then knee high wool ones- even if I’d rather be knitting those. They go out in the post tomorrow.


And yet more socks!

I always have a pair on the needles, because I’m working towards wearing only handknit socks in the winter. I don’t really wear socks in the summer- I live in flipflops, my Birkies, or I go barefoot. If I have to wear them in the summer, it’s because I’m hiking or walking for exercise and the little white cotton ones I have will suffice. However, the thought of wearing only handknit socks is delightful, and I have the yarn to get me there. I think Christmas knitting is going to get in the way of that, but we’ll see.

Anywho, these are actually for Matt. He can’t wear wool, as he doesn’t like it [on a side note, he is getting to the point where he can tell the difference between wools, and comments on ones that feel nicer than others. There’s hope yet.] on his skin, but loves socks. Most of the Elann Esprit, and wow, do I have a lot of that, is going towards his feet. This is just a plain sock, with different coloured toes, heels, and ribbing. They make nice Autumn socks.

What’s on the needles now? I’m working on the Gilmore Vest, but my pictures of that are shoddy, so I’ll wait to post them, I’m a little over 1/2 way done with the front, and I’ve already knit the back, so I’m hoping to finish it this week. I need the needles to finish swatching for my dad’s sweater. Have I told y’all about that? It’ll have to wait, I think, until next time, because this catch up post is long enough as is.

I am ecstatic about Autumn coming about. It’s already starting to cool off in the nights here outside of DC, and the day’s sun isn’t as blazing hot. I love the season, the change of colour in the Shenandoah, the fact I can bring out my sweaters and jeans and not be looked at funny.