Project: Hat

Drive by FOs, before all the Olympic knitting!!

A stash buster! This yarn should look familiar. I used it two years ago to make a Swallowtail shawl for my friend Elle. I had enough to make a pair of socks out of each yarn, but I could never find a pattern for either. I loved how this turned out, even if I ran out of the light blue yarn about six inches from the end, Luckily, I had enough to finish, and add tassels to the ends to make it fun. I’ve been wearing this in all the crazy weather we’ve been having lately. The only ‘mod’ I made was striping the two different yarns with one another.

Baktus |Farmhouse Yarns- Fannie’s Fingering Weight & Knit Picks Bare – Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight

| US 4  [3.5 mm] | 19 Jan – 30 Jan 2010
I was supposed to make my brother in law a cheesecake for his birthday, but due to our current living circumstances, finding a kitchen in which to bake is difficult. His feet were cold, and I offered to make him slippers instead. I cruised the Ravelry pages, and TA DA. I wanted to make these slippers anyways (and I have the pink and black yarn to make a striped pair), so this was the perfect opportunity for a dry run.
I had to run them through 1 1/2 cycles in the washing machine for them to fit my BiL’s feet. He loves them, and they fit perfectly. This pattern is really well written, and I can’t wait to make a pair for myself. I cast on for the largest size, using the green for the cuff, and then knit 12 inches before starting the toe. I’m really glad I did, as I barely had enough to finish the second foot. I think I had maybe 2 yards left over.
Elf Shoes | Patons Wool Classic in Bright Red & Bright Green | US 10.5 [6.5 mm] | 2 Feb – 3 Feb 2010
Another something for the BiL. He asked me for a scarf… oh… about 2 years ago. I finally got around to knitting one for him. This pattern was a good knit for being around people, as there are only two rows that have patterning. I love the knit on i-cord edging, which I’ve never done before. I plan on using it on the edge of a scarf I’m reknitting for Matt. It ended up being 7″ x 70″, and I only did 8″ of ribbing on either end.
Luke’s Toasty Scarf | Caron Simply Soft | US 8 [mm] | 15 Jan – 8 Feb 2010
Something for me!
This hat was infuriating.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was easy to knit, fun to knit, and the pattern, once I relearned how to read English, was well written.
The problem was that I knit it as written and it was too small.

I don’t know many grown adults that have 16″ heads. I ripped the hat out, screeched, and then cast on again. And then cast on again, since I forgot to make the 1×1 rib from the Italian cast on to a 2×2. Once that was all figured out, I sat down and finished this in one evening. The only real modification I made to this was to cast on stitches for an extra repeat around, and then knit enough repeats for the man hat.
It fits perfectly now, and I love it.
Koolhaas | Dream in Color Classy | US 5 [3.75] /US 8  [5] | 6 Jan – 11 Feb 2010

I got to see my brother this past weekend. He was wearing his hat– I didn’t even ask him to wear it! He says he loves it, and wears it all the time. The little booger is taller than me, some more, and looks fantastic in his hat. I’m really, really pleased he likes it, and plan on knitting more things for him, as he is a very receptive knit receiver.

The plan for Christmas is to knit him this. I just need to figure out colors. I’m thinking of doing blue and green.

My Mom had a birthday this month, and had asked for a tam. Actually, she’s been asking for a tam for quite some time, but I was never able to pin it down to exactly what she wanted.

The conversation went something like this:

“Well,” she said, as I was sitting on the phone with her.  “I want a tam. You know what I’m talking about? Black, with a pom pom on top. And beads!”

“Mama, why?” I replied, shaking my head. “Okay, beads and a pom pom. What size is your head?”

“The only ruler I have is straight.”

“Ok. Is wool all right?”

“Wool!” She exclaimed. “The word just makes me itch!”

The conversation then moved on to other bits, but we have the pertinent bits above.

Off the to the local yarn store, which had plenty of things I liked, but nothing that would work for the mum.

Off to the other local yarn store, where I used Matt’s amazing does this itch too much powers, and found yarn.

Later that evening, we have a birthday gift minus a pom, no beads. I put the pom on later that week [after procuring a pom maker. I have an absurd desire to make one of those pom rugs from my mom’s vintage 1970s knitting book. Matt threatened to burn it if I did.]

She loves it! Thought that I had bought it at first, because, instead of making my typical care card, I sent along the tag for the yarn attached with a safety pin. After explaining that yes, I did knit it myself, Mom was enchanted, and proceeded to tell me that the pom had been sacrificed to the cat. I’ve been told no replacement pom is needed.

Pattern: Moss Stitch Beret |Yarn: Aslan Trends Artesanal |Needles: US 3  & US 7

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Matt and I went to a friend’s birthday shindig in DC on Friday. It was cold, as it is wont to be in this area in January, so I worked the whole of the day to finish a new hat to wear to said event.  It also matches my pink mittens perfectly. My… someone would be so proud, I’m sure. We’re not big on the matching in my family. Practical and practical, the lot of us. Maybe my aunt? Dad’s partner? I digress.

Presenting, very late at night, Gretel. I made the regular size, which fits my head perfectly. I think the people who can wear the fitted must not have as large noggins as I do. I really enjoyed working with the Malabrigo- my first time. However, I don’t think a sweater is ever going to be made out of it; it’s too loosely spun, and started to pill with the little bit of turning I did as I was knitting the hat. I’ve knit this before, and I’m really glad I made it for myself. It’s tempting to buy every color of Malabrigo to make more. I love it that much.

New socks for me! Elann Esprit cotton, which is turning out to make a nice, sturdy fall/spring weight sock. The top picture has a more accurate color representation. I finished this one up during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Wasn’t that a great game? I didn’t pay much attention to it; Matt’s family celebrates it as junk food Sunday, and I was much more focused on the Salt ‘n’ Vinegar chips. [Why yes, I do eat them until I get a hole in my tounge, don’t you?]

ELLE! Yes you! DO not read this post! 😀

I’m using up more of that handspun. Foliage, from Knitty. I love that the pattern details two different weighted yarns- it makes using up those single skeins of handspun a little easier.

A better picture of the Christmas gift.

Cute, CUTE, label sleeves. I don’t remember where I found them last year, but I’m sure if I bothered to look at the PDF, it would tell me.

14 rows and a bind off, and I’m DONE with Christmas knitting. How about you?

Wie Schoene sind dein Blaetter?

This year’s Christmas tree: color lights, angel on top [ she needs a star. and a good re-blocking.] Ornaments that Matt and I bought, along with ones inherited from childhood. Don’t worry- we don’t use our fireplace.

Also- a hat.

Another Odessa, but this time for me. They knit up so quickly, but I like a hat that covers my ears all the way, so I had to knit it an inch longer than called for in the pattern. Keeps my head decently warm, though I’m thinking of knitting another one in a thicker wool for when it’s windy.

[PS: I was looking at the picture again, the one of the hat, and it looks like it’s floating. That is SO COOL. So, how do I make it not do that?]

I hope y’all in the US had a great Thanksgiving- I did.  Along with eating all sorts of fantastic food, I took quite a bit of knitting with me. When I told Matt how much I had packed in my knitting bag, he scoffed and looked at me to make sure I wasn’t feverish.

“I think you may have overpacked, dear,” he said, looking at the bag near over flowing.

HA. Christmas knitting has almost been, if you’ll excuse my language, spanked, thanks to a nice long visit with family for the holiday.

Turn a Square

I went down a needle size from the recommended and it’s still huge on my head. My brother’s head is a little larger than mine, and he has big, fluffly, curly, emo hair. This will keep his head warm as he’s out working with out messing with his ‘do. I think I want to make one for myself that’s a bit smaller. I think if I just take out 8 stiches or so from my orignal cast on, then it’ll fit me fine. This took a few movies and some Christmas decorating to finish.


I knit this out of the leftovers from my FLS. [Which is done, by the way, and I’ve worn it. I’m really enjoying it; I just need Matt to take FO pics for me. Maybe this weekend?] This is another Christmas gift off the list. MUAHAHAHA.

That was it for the Christmas knitting that I could do in public while visiting family.  I also took along some yarn just for stash busting, which resulted in a Baby Surprise Jacket that just needs to be put together, and this:


This is knit out of a ball of Royal Llama Silk. I LOVE this yarn. It’s warm, slightly shiny, and just so, so SOFT. I want to make a whole sweater out of this because I could wear it against my skin. Price, however, will probably keep me from doing this. Yeeeah. I had to knit it twice because I didn’t get gague with the recommended needle size. It’s still a little big, and needs a button, but I’m really looking forward to wearing it.

Shifting Garter Rib Socks

I’m THIS close to being done with Matt’s Christmas socks. I have one repeat left on the foot and then the toes. Depending on what I get done tonight, I’ll finish them up tonight or tomorrow at Knit night.

Please ignore my autumn pedicure- I changed it up today.  All I have after Matt’s socks is a shawl, and at one repeat a day, I’ll easily finish it by Christmas, including blocking.

I’ve a new camera, and I haven’t figured out it’s sweet spot yet, but I’m having loads of fun playing with it. Knitting is so cool in eight mega pixels with macro and zoom. It may be too much camera for this knitter.

Happy knitting! I hope you’re holiday knitting is going well?