For NaKniSweMo, I joined the 2700 something other knitters in knitting the February Lady Sweater.

It’s a quick knit, taking me about two weeks on and off to finish it. I was torn between a double zipper and toggles. I was told by my fashion expert that toggles, wooden, are the way to go.

I plan on trekking to G Street today to get three wooden toggles, a how to, and beads.

The beads are for a Christmas gift, as the Christmas knitting I refused to do this year has expanded from socks for Matt to a shawl for my dad’s partner, and some super sekret knitting I can’t write about here because she reads the blog. [Yes, Elle, I mean you. 😛 ]

To hold you over, here are some work in progress shots I took last week of my FLS.




Apparently, Thursdays are for posting. I would have posted this earlier, except that I enjoy natural light for photos, and Photobucket didn’t believe me when I told it I really did want the pictures to be smaller.

Monday was a dyeing day. I didn’t wake up that morning with this intention; I normally try to plan the days I’m going to dye, that way the kitchen is clean, all the needed materials are procured, and I have the time set out.

Deciding to join the Nation Sweater Knitting Month wasn’t that difficult of a decision. I’ve been wanting to knit another sweater, and specifically, I’ve wanted to join the 2000 or so other people who’ve knit the February Lady Sweater. It’s appealing because of it’s seamless construction, the garter that bleeds down to lace, and that I only have to try it on to make sure it’s long enough.

I enjoyed knitting my Mr. Greenjeans [of which I still need to take FO pictures. Note to self, next sunny day, do so – HA! See you in a few posts, buster], which has a very similar construction.

Also- I had the yarn for it in stash. Another bonus. I’ll be able to use up 12 or so balls, I like a really long sweater and my torso is ridiculous in it’s length.

However, I already have a lovely red sweater. Aha! Purple? I don’t have a purple sweater. I have purple dye. But woudn’t it be smarted to overdye with blue? You have more of the blue dye.

So, kitchen was scrubbed, and out came the dye and the cauldron.

I hanked up two balls of the Peruvian HIghland wool, just in case I didn’t like how it turned out, I could always knit a scarf and give it away.

Loved it, so much, that you get another shot. So, another batch of two, and then two batches of four later, and I have twelve balls in a lovely shade of red plumy purple. I got the idea from Julia at KnitterlyThings, when she overdyed yarn for a sweater. Having to do multiple batches makes me want a taller pot. Thrift store and Tuesday Morning, watch out!

Now that school is over, I have this burning desire to KNIT ALL OF MY STASH.

All at once, even. I’ve not done enough yet. I need to knit more and more of it. I don’t know where this urge is coming from- especially since I was talking to my husband, and he related something he heard from one of the eco friendly podcasts he listens to. Some people know that cows actually make a lot of methane- they have four stomachs and burp a lot. Some propose that cows are going to have to go if we’re to keep the earth from exploding. My repsonse was “well, as long as they leave sheep alone.” He got very quiet, and said, ” It would have to be sheep, too.”

My heart almost stopped. What? Sheep? Poor harmless sheep? No more wool? I have to knit with wool, my poor hands can’t take cotton and other plant based fibers all the time!

It’s ten o’clock at night and in a full panic, I bought 3 skeins of Socks that Rock lightweight in Corbie. Full price even. It’s going to be for my graduation shawl, meaning my gift to myself, Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach. I don’t buy yarn like that; I am a thrifty wait for the sale shopper. I take apart sweaters.

So I’m torn, really, between becoming the type of hoarder that is put on an Oprah special, and continuing to knit through my stash so I can buy a few sweaters’ worth of yarn/fiber.

I know I’m being silly. I don’t want a lot of stuff, yarn included. I want to have enough to knit one large and one small project. I only want enough for 2 spinning projects at a time. Spinning fiber = yarn= stash= something to be knit.

I’m not going on a “yarn diet” [ I don’t really even like the connotation diet is getting anyways. Diet is actually defined as a total of what you consume food wise, not a strict dietary regimine], but I am going to be way more concious about what I am buying and to what purpose. No sock yarn without a pattern [like that’s going to be a problem, I have 9 bajilliony saved on the computer], no laceweight unless there is a SPECIFIC shawl ready to be cast on.

Wow. That was a tangent. I kind of went off base there. To get back to where I was going….

I knit up some of my handspun yesterday during a few episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


An Unoriginal Hat. My first Handspun. I used all of it and it’s just That much too small to fit my head properly. I’m going to find someone else who can actually wear these colors. Anyone want a hat?


This is just a simple garter stitch scarf- as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says “Cast on enough stitches, knit till done.” It’s 4″ by 90″, dyed by me.

The little thing you see sticking out of the corner, which I didn’t notice until I uploaded my pictures, is the first lace weight handspun I’ve done.


The colorway is Carribean, and I got the fiber from Smokey Mountain Fibers. I still need to soak and set the twist on it, but I won’t get to that today. It’s still fairly damp here and I don’t want to leave it outside in case it rains again.

I’ll also want to start another shawl if I do that, and I really don’t need to do that just yet. I’m thinking about taking it with me to Seattle at the end of the June as my knitting project. We’ll see.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Until Christmas. One week of finals, yay!

This weekend has been somewhat productive. Matt working from home on Friday, and it totally threw off my knitting mojo- how am I supposed to knit for him if he’s at home? Normally I can knit in front of him with out any problem, but he’s one of those non-knitter husbands who is actually interested in what I am working on, which is not conducive to knitting gifts in front of him. Phooey.

But I did start my Dad’s Knucks last night.

Dad's Knucks

They looked like this when I picked them up again this afternoon:

Dad's Knucks

And they look like this now:

Dad's Knucks

Done! Well, with one. I need to order another skein for the second one; I hope to get to that tonight so I can get them soon. I need to finish my dad’s before I finish the blanket for the FiL since I’ll see my family first this holiday.

I also did some dyeing.


This is for my mom’s tam. It’s actually a bit more purple than this, but it was my first try with acid dyes, and I think it turned out really well. I’ve used Kool Aide before, and while I like the friendliness of it, I like the colors from the Jacquard much better.

Emerald Isle

I’m not quite done with this one yet, I need to set it in another vinegar bath to make sure the color is really set. Matt’s Mom’s side of the family is Irish- they even still have family back in the Old Country. His grandmother went over for a visit in early October and brought me back some wool per my request. I love this wool- it’s Aran weight, and it was a little lanolin-y still. I had to wash it before I dyed it, but I like to think it smelled like Ireland. I can’t wait to use this, I just need to figure out what to make with it!

I went to Florida to visit M. I have a picture of her, but I’m not sure how she would feel about me posting a picture of her. [Actually, I can guess what it would be. Mostly unintelligible muttering.]

It was mostly hot, and there was a distinct lack of AC for a day.

It was made much better by a trip to the yarn store!

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innit the sheep cute?

Everyone there was really friendly. I spent entirely too much time just feeling yarns. They had a lovely lace weight that almost came home with me. It didn’t, but I did get some other pretties which I will post about later.

I also finished two things there! YAY.

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Marnie McLeans Wyvern socks
Knitpics Bare Merino sock yarn Bare

This is what I knit up with the blue dyed yarn I did. I can’t decide what I want to call the color way yet, but the pattern was lovely to knit, and the yarn has the subtle variation that makes each stitch a slightly different color, so it makes it look like scales. Perfect for dragon sox.

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Super Sekret X-mas Gift

This is the scarf that I knitted as a gift for my MiL to give to her Mother. It’s 54 in [137 cm] long and 7 in [18 cm] wide [ish]. Okay, so technically it isn’t done, because it is blocking; however, that is finished enough for me. The wandering cable in the middle is from Inspired Cable Knits.