Catch- up

(We’ll just look past the fact that I haven’t blogged on this particular site in a few years, shall we?)

Since I’ve borked my shoulders knitting the Baby Blanket of Doom, I’ve turned my need to so something with my hands into embroidering handkerchiefs. I’m telling people that I’m embroidering them because I want to be more eco/paper conscious, but really, I need something somewhat practical on which to stitch my fancies. One can only have so many things hanging on the wall, or pillows, but hankies? Imminently useful.

I bring you (Zombie) Sheep Hankie.


[Design from Urban Threads]

Turtle Hankie


[Design from Urban Threads]

Next on my list is a pretty Ohm symbol, and then I think I’ll move onto the embroidery for a gift. Then, it’s on to a bellydancer.

Maybe my shoulders will be happy again by then?



Last weekend was the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.
Last year, I said I wouldn’t go on Saturday again, but there was just too much awesome going on for me to miss it.



Many a podcaster gathered in the 90+*F heat to do a meet and greet. Jasmin and Gigi from Knitmore girls were there. I only managed to get a picture with them, and I’m about ….a foot taller than them in real life. I was bending down in the picture above. Guido from It’s a Purl Man was there, and so was Meghan from Stitch It Podcast and Jackie from KIPing It Real.






The swag was AWESOME. Pins, a ruler, samples, sniffies.

They did a drawing for prizes, and Matt won a lovely crochet hook roll, that I’m using for my DPNs, and I won a prize for a fibre club! He’s rather lucky; I’ll have to keep him around.

Everyone was really nice, and so gracious about being the the horrid heat. I’m so excited that I got to meet some of my favorite podcasters!


The goodies! Creatively Dyed Seawool, in I’m currently obsessed with this shade pink.


Socks That Rock Lightweight, in Cattywompus.


Socks That Rock Silkie, in Valkyrie


A Golding Tsunami, in Purple Heart Wood.

I’m so glad I went this year, and was able to take my friend Meg with us.

I can’t wait until next year.

Drive by FOs, before all the Olympic knitting!!

A stash buster! This yarn should look familiar. I used it two years ago to make a Swallowtail shawl for my friend Elle. I had enough to make a pair of socks out of each yarn, but I could never find a pattern for either. I loved how this turned out, even if I ran out of the light blue yarn about six inches from the end, Luckily, I had enough to finish, and add tassels to the ends to make it fun. I’ve been wearing this in all the crazy weather we’ve been having lately. The only ‘mod’ I made was striping the two different yarns with one another.

Baktus |Farmhouse Yarns- Fannie’s Fingering Weight & Knit Picks Bare – Superwash Merino/Nylon Fingering Weight

| US 4  [3.5 mm] | 19 Jan – 30 Jan 2010
I was supposed to make my brother in law a cheesecake for his birthday, but due to our current living circumstances, finding a kitchen in which to bake is difficult. His feet were cold, and I offered to make him slippers instead. I cruised the Ravelry pages, and TA DA. I wanted to make these slippers anyways (and I have the pink and black yarn to make a striped pair), so this was the perfect opportunity for a dry run.
I had to run them through 1 1/2 cycles in the washing machine for them to fit my BiL’s feet. He loves them, and they fit perfectly. This pattern is really well written, and I can’t wait to make a pair for myself. I cast on for the largest size, using the green for the cuff, and then knit 12 inches before starting the toe. I’m really glad I did, as I barely had enough to finish the second foot. I think I had maybe 2 yards left over.
Elf Shoes | Patons Wool Classic in Bright Red & Bright Green | US 10.5 [6.5 mm] | 2 Feb – 3 Feb 2010
Another something for the BiL. He asked me for a scarf… oh… about 2 years ago. I finally got around to knitting one for him. This pattern was a good knit for being around people, as there are only two rows that have patterning. I love the knit on i-cord edging, which I’ve never done before. I plan on using it on the edge of a scarf I’m reknitting for Matt. It ended up being 7″ x 70″, and I only did 8″ of ribbing on either end.
Luke’s Toasty Scarf | Caron Simply Soft | US 8 [mm] | 15 Jan – 8 Feb 2010
Something for me!
This hat was infuriating.
Oh, don’t get me wrong, it was easy to knit, fun to knit, and the pattern, once I relearned how to read English, was well written.
The problem was that I knit it as written and it was too small.

I don’t know many grown adults that have 16″ heads. I ripped the hat out, screeched, and then cast on again. And then cast on again, since I forgot to make the 1×1 rib from the Italian cast on to a 2×2. Once that was all figured out, I sat down and finished this in one evening. The only real modification I made to this was to cast on stitches for an extra repeat around, and then knit enough repeats for the man hat.
It fits perfectly now, and I love it.
Koolhaas | Dream in Color Classy | US 5 [3.75] /US 8  [5] | 6 Jan – 11 Feb 2010

The tree in our backyard, soon to be not our backyard.

I’m going to miss being able to walk across the street to the little shopping center to buy groceries, or get coffee, or checking out the little shops.

I’m going to miss walking the 1.5 miles around the block, with the trees and the park, and the geese, and ducks, and people with their dogs.

I’m going to miss only being no more than 5 miles from everything we need/want, including a yarn store, another grocery store, the public library, the fabric store, our wonderful mechanic, and other various and sundries.

I’m going to miss this little place, where Matt & I made our first home as a married couple.

I’m going to try and participate in NaBloPoMo here, to try and blog more regularly.

I write this blog more as a way to keep track of what I’m doing for myself, and for the random family members that don’t get to see my knitting very often.

No pictures in this one, but tomorrow, I plan on showing my swag from my travels this summer, as I just realized that I didn’t post a thing, and I got some neat stuff, in my opinion.

Happy Knitting!

The first weekend in October is the Fall Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trial in Montpelier, Va.  Matt and I made it down there on Sunday, in the late afternoon. I ran into a few friends from my knitting group, saw all the vendors, and watched the sheep dog trails. [The only reason Matt goes with me to these things is to make sure that I don’t buy anything yellow, and for the animals.]

I came away with this beauty, 8 oz of Screaming Wild Monkeys from River’s Edge Weaving Studio. It’s 70 Merino/15 Banana Tree/ 15 Seacell impregnated with silver, and oh, it’s so, so pretty. This is high on my to spin list.

The next weekend I went to visit my parents for my birthday. I was told it was to be a ‘working weekend’, so I didn’t bring my shawl to work on, but this pair of socks and yarn to start another pair [I had originally intended Leyburn socks.]

This is how close I was to finishing before I ran out of yarn. A row + kitchener. I had thought to bring scraps in the same kind of yarn, but ran out the door without them.

Then [insert dramatic music here], the yarn I had brought was not compatible with the needles I brought.

No knitting, for the rest of the long weekend.

Victory was had! After a lovely bit of encouragement from Alison, and spending a Wednesday night whinging about the stinkin’ edging on this shawl, I sat down, determined to finish before last weekend.

It was on the floor blocking Friday afternoon, before I spent the evening with a friend, spinning and catching up.

This shawl is huge and pretty, and I will have a detailed post up soon.

I spent Sunday afternoon outside in the lovely autumn weather staining.

I spent this morning taking the above to this:

I’m four screws and a tack short of a wheel. I did this as a favor for a friend, and really enjoyed the process. The smell of wood stain reminds me of the garage of the house I grew up in, and spending weekends refinishing things with my dad.

It’s an Ashford Traveler, double drive, Scotch tension, double treadle. I stained it with two coats of a cherry stain.

And… that wraps up October for me. Only 1 pair of socks finished and another on the needles.

I plan on spending tomorrow morning doing the final tweaking for Dad’s sweater. [No, really, I am this time. Promise!]