Abbey Socks

I’m working on a pair of socks for my friend M. We were at Maryland Sheep & Wool earlier this year, and we wandered into the Tsock Tsarina booth. She had quite a few kits, and the Abbey kit caught M’s eye. She is more of a complicated-Niebling-lace-shawl knitter, so I told her that if she bought the kit, I would knit them for her for Christmas. I cast these on last week, and I’m a bit further than the pictures below. I should finish the first sock tomorrow, when there is more light and my eyes aren’t as tired.


M has teeny feet, so the foot is rather small, and the Daisy stitch patterning makes it nice and snug.

I really like the heel construction on these socks.

The heel flap and gusset is GENIUS.

I’m so pleased with how tidy the cabled details are turning out. These socks are just fiddly enough for my brain to be happy.

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