Sheep Heid

For Christmas, my dad bought me the Sheep Heid pattern from Kate Davies’ (yes, yes, there might be a trend of Kate Davies’ patterns. I LUFF her stuff. LUFF.) pattern line. There’s a KAL going on in a thread in her fan group on Ravelry, and some members are buying the full skeins of the Jameson and Smith yarn, and then breaking it into the 25 ish yards needed of each color to make the hat. It makes the pattern super affordable.

Kate’s directions are super clear, and the charts for the pattern are great. She added the numbers of the yarn color needed at the edge of the pattern, in case the color isn’t clear enough. There’s also a tutorial on how to do the decreases for the crown, which make a really pretty spiral at the top of the hat.

I would have finished this in the weekend that I started it, except I ran out of color 2004 and it took me FOREVER to put a post in the KAL thread asking for a few yards to finish. Once I got it, I finished the last chart the same day, and blocked and wove in the ends.

It’s not perfect. I’ve done color work before, but there was never more than a 5 stitch distance that I needed to carry the yarn behind. There are a few places on the brown sheep that I didn’t keep the float long enough, and there are some ladders that didn’t block out all the way, but I am SO pleased with this. I feel that my color work skills have really grown, and I feel more confident that I can tackle larger color work pieces, and maybe try STEEKING.


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