Maryland Sheep and Wool

This year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was a lot of fun. Unusual for me, I went to both days of Sheep and Wool. There weren’t nearly as many people there as there has been in the past. I liked that I was able to actually get in and out of the booths without feeling claustrophobic.

Fortified with Challah bread French Toast, and coffee, M, B, my husband and I stormed the castle. I had a game plan, and a LIST. I wasn’t planning on sticking to the list, but I at least wanted to look for all of the things on my list.

Day One Loot:

Earrings from Jenny the Potter

Recycled Knitting Needle Earrings from Sassafras

Bulls Eye Batt from Loop

MDSW 2012 Show Shirt

Creatively Dyed Yarns – Sami in Turn

Happy Snap Bag

3 Skeins of Jameson & Smith 2-ply Jumper in natural

Creatively Dyed Yarns – Bambou

Hobbed De Hoy Batt


30″ Kromski Niddynoddy

I was so excited to see Hobbdehoy at Sheep and Wool. The Knitgirllls have talked about her batts, so I headed to the booth before the meet up on Saturday. Her batts are heavenly. I ended up going back 4 times over the weekend, and then sent over all of my friends, who ended up buying some of her batts, too.

The lady who dyes for the Tsock Tsarina had a booth, and I wandered around in awe, and almost bought the Vintage kit, but they didn’t have it in my size in the color I wanted. My friend M picked up [this pattern] for me to knit for her. They have GARGOYLES ON THEM!

Our knitting group had set up headquarters on the lawn by the music tent, so we were able to stop and eat, take knitting breaks, and show off our goodies.

Day Two Loot

Hobbled de Hoy Batt

Hobblded De hOy Ply kit

Supported Spindle

Black Batt

8 oz Natural Jacob roving

Sunday dawned rainy and early. My friend S drove, and we made it in record time. She had her list of booths she wanted to hit, and I wanted to go back to Loop and Hobbled De Hoy.

We took our time, Sunday was way less crowded than Saturday, and I picked up a few more things, and got something for a friend, and settled down to work on the Giant Pink Knee Socks.

I almost bought a Jacob fleece, but I think I’m more in love with the idea of buying a fleece and having someone process it, than the reality of it. I’m planning on spinning the colors in a gradient from light to dark, and making a shawl that looks like this:

The plying kit from HDH is called “Koi” and is the colors that I’m using in my studio. I’m planning on spinning the yarn to make these mittens by Hello Yarn:


This batt is nothing but LUFF. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I love it. LOVE IT.

I spent the afternoon knitting and chatting, and eating éclairs and pit lamb sandwhiches.

I’m on my second day of show detox. Pet the yarn. Pet the yarn.


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