Monthly Archives: April 2012

My friend S was getting rid of a sweater’s worth of yarn. There’s a story in there about guilt, and getting rid of it, and she just wanted it out of her stash. I figured that even if the color was horrid (which, I didn’t think it would be. She and I have similar tastes in color pallets), that I could over dye it. I can always use more black sweaters.

The color ended up being this lovely blue-green, in Rowan’s Magpie Aran. There was enough to make Kate Davies’ Warriston sweater, but I went searching on Ravelry to see if I could find a few more balls, just in case. The designer of the pattern is a wee woman, and I usually have to make at least the sleeves longer on every sweater that I make, so I wanted a little extra wiggle room.

I was able to get a few more balls of yarn that were close enough in color that I was happy with them, and cast on the sweater.

Warriston is a bottom up, raglan sleeved sweater with a cowl. The technique was new to me, as I’ve knitted a top down raglans before. It has pockets that blend in with the patterned bottom, and the technique to make them is GENIUS. I didn’t really make any mods to the sweater, other than making it a tunic length on me, and making the sleeves longer, to come down to the middle of my hand. I want this sweater to be a good romping around garment, and my ¾ sleeve wouldn’t work as well as a longer one I could roll up. I added one more set of increases to the sleeves, but otherwise, followed the pattern as written.

My gauge was kind of off, but it worked in my favor, so that I could get the ease I wanted without having to figure out the math to get the numbers between a size 4 and 5.


With all the weird weather we’ve been having, I have been able to wear the sweater a few times, and I’m happy with the fit, and the functionality. I see it becoming an often worn garment when it gets really cold.