i could use a little dusting

(We’ll just look past the fact that I haven’t blogged on this particular site in a few years, shall we?)

Since I’ve borked my shoulders knitting the Baby Blanket of Doom, I’ve turned my need to so something with my hands into embroidering handkerchiefs. I’m telling people that I’m embroidering them because I want to be more eco/paper conscious, but really, I need something somewhat practical on which to stitch my fancies. One can only have so many things hanging on the wall, or pillows, but hankies? Imminently useful.

I bring you (Zombie) Sheep Hankie.


[Design from Urban Threads]

Turtle Hankie


[Design from Urban Threads]

Next on my list is a pretty Ohm symbol, and then I think I’ll move onto the embroidery for a gift. Then, it’s on to a bellydancer.

Maybe my shoulders will be happy again by then?

  1. Sue said:

    Wow they look really nice!

  2. Laura said:

    Love the sheepy and the turtle. Have fun stitching.

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