Last Finished Object of 2009 – belatedly

I took simple kitting with me when I spent the holidays with my family. We spend a lot of time together, eating, hanging out, watching movies, and, this time, being horribly ill.

I’ve wanted the Regia Nationals Yarn for a while, ever since I saw that I could make a pair of socks that striped in the pattern of the German flag. I took six years of German, and have German heritage, and so Germany has a soft place in my heart. What better way to show my interest than on my feet? [Hey, some people get tattoos. This is a little less permanent.]


I tried knitting these toe up, so that I could knit as much as possible, but I really, really prefer to work from the top down. It makes me get the long leg done first before I get to all the interesting knitting from the heel down.

So, I ripped the socks out, and started over again.

The cuffs are about eight inches long, done in my usual vanilla sock pattern. I knit the heels with Dale Ull, since I didn’t want to mess with the stripe repeat. This resulted in a squooshy, comfortable heel. Regia wears like iron, but I’m glad to have a softer heel. I don’t really have a lot of wear on the heel of my socks anyways, since I usually wear clogs.

When all was said and knit, I could have knit one more repeat on the leg, but I have enough left over that I can make a little pair of fingerless mitts or wristlets. For now, the yarn is going into the leftover bag.


My Vanilla Sock Pattern | Regia Nations: Germany / Dale Ull | US 0 [2.0mm]

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