eye candy friday

The tree in our backyard, soon to be not our backyard.

I’m going to miss being able to walk across the street to the little shopping center to buy groceries, or get coffee, or checking out the little shops.

I’m going to miss walking the 1.5 miles around the block, with the trees and the park, and the geese, and ducks, and people with their dogs.

I’m going to miss only being no more than 5 miles from everything we need/want, including a yarn store, another grocery store, the public library, the fabric store, our wonderful mechanic, and other various and sundries.

I’m going to miss this little place, where Matt & I made our first home as a married couple.

  1. Sheryl Kenoyr said:

    I’m so sorry – it truly is a sad thing isnt it – great memories but hard to leave behind. I am excited to see what your future holds though!

  2. AlisonH said:

    Taking pictures along isn’t quite the same thing as taking the tree with you.

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