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The first weekend in October is the Fall Fiber Festival and Sheep Dog Trial in Montpelier, Va.  Matt and I made it down there on Sunday, in the late afternoon. I ran into a few friends from my knitting group, saw all the vendors, and watched the sheep dog trails. [The only reason Matt goes with me to these things is to make sure that I don’t buy anything yellow, and for the animals.]

I came away with this beauty, 8 oz of Screaming Wild Monkeys from River’s Edge Weaving Studio. It’s 70 Merino/15 Banana Tree/ 15 Seacell impregnated with silver, and oh, it’s so, so pretty. This is high on my to spin list.

The next weekend I went to visit my parents for my birthday. I was told it was to be a ‘working weekend’, so I didn’t bring my shawl to work on, but this pair of socks and yarn to start another pair [I had originally intended Leyburn socks.]

This is how close I was to finishing before I ran out of yarn. A row + kitchener. I had thought to bring scraps in the same kind of yarn, but ran out the door without them.

Then [insert dramatic music here], the yarn I had brought was not compatible with the needles I brought.

No knitting, for the rest of the long weekend.

Victory was had! After a lovely bit of encouragement from Alison, and spending a Wednesday night whinging about the stinkin’ edging on this shawl, I sat down, determined to finish before last weekend.

It was on the floor blocking Friday afternoon, before I spent the evening with a friend, spinning and catching up.

This shawl is huge and pretty, and I will have a detailed post up soon.

I spent Sunday afternoon outside in the lovely autumn weather staining.

I spent this morning taking the above to this:

I’m four screws and a tack short of a wheel. I did this as a favor for a friend, and really enjoyed the process. The smell of wood stain reminds me of the garage of the house I grew up in, and spending weekends refinishing things with my dad.

It’s an Ashford Traveler, double drive, Scotch tension, double treadle. I stained it with two coats of a cherry stain.

And… that wraps up October for me. Only 1 pair of socks finished and another on the needles.

I plan on spending tomorrow morning doing the final tweaking for Dad’s sweater. [No, really, I am this time. Promise!]

  1. sue said:


  2. Sheryl Kenoyer said:

    A. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVVVEEEEE the fiber and I cannot wait to see what you do with it! Way beautiful!
    B. Your shawl is awesome and you wear it well!
    C. Good job on the wheel!
    D. Your hair is STINKING LONG and I love it!
    E. Miss chatting with you over coffee (tea)!

  3. Laura said:

    Beautiful shawl!!! The wheel looks pretty, too! Thanks for the spinning time, I really needed it. I bought some things from River’s Edge also and I can’t wait to spin it up. I just have to finish what’s on the Traditional first.

  4. AlisonH said:

    Y’know, “four screws and a tack short of a wheel” is a useful phrase! (As I sit here laughing and thinking how much it applies to me.)

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