turning the point

Ha. Ha ha. Ha.

I’ve reached just past the middle part of the edging on my Lightweight Mountain Peaks Shawl. All that is left is seventeen [!!!!] repeats of the edging, and I’m done! I had hoped to get this done for my birthday, but life and knitting ennui got in the way.  I love the way the edging looks, but I hate the turning after only twelve stitches. Knitting backwards isn’t really an option. I just need to sit down and make myself knit it. It’ll be a much used shawl, once it’s just DONE.

On a less whingey note, I love the point edging. It’s done with a really nifty short row technique, and I can’t wait to block this sucker out to see what it looks like. I’m predicting huge, as half of it stretches to almost my wingspan. Can you see my excited dance from here?

  1. AlisonH said:

    It’s beautiful. What I find helps a project get un-stalled is hanging out at my LYS and having other people tell me that, because even though I already know I like it, having them like it too somehow jumpstarts it.

    So, in absence of whoever in person, here I am saying, hey, that’s a cool yarn and a fun pattern–can’t wait to see it done!

  2. sue said:

    Can’t wait to see it! It looks beautiful. where have you been lately?? Missed ya. sue

  3. Laura said:

    Looks really pretty. I like the color.

  4. Sheryl Kenoyer said:

    I love it! The colors are great – good job!

  5. Allison said:

    It’s worth a dance! Lovely work- I especially like the colorways.

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