Birthday FO

Silken Smoke Cowl | Sandnes Garn Alpakka | US 4 [3.5mm]

I knit this for my friend Elle for her birthday. We’re almost birthday twins, and she always loves and wears the knitted stuff I send her. Last year it was a hat and gloves set, this year, a cowl. I really enjoyed knitting this, and have enough left over that I’m going to make myself a pair of stranded mittens. The only modification I made was that I knit the plain stockinette portion for 12 inches instead of 16. Ravelry says this pattern is no longer available, but when I got it a month ago, it was from the Elann website.

  1. Laura said:

    Pretty, pretty. I really like the color.

  2. Sheryl Kenoyer said:

    I Love the color – it is just beautiful! Good job!

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