Monthly Archives: September 2009

Silken Smoke Cowl | Sandnes Garn Alpakka | US 4 [3.5mm]

I knit this for my friend Elle for her birthday. We’re almost birthday twins, and she always loves and wears the knitted stuff I send her. Last year it was a hat and gloves set, this year, a cowl. I really enjoyed knitting this, and have enough left over that I’m going to make myself a pair of stranded mittens. The only modification I made was that I knit the plain stockinette portion for 12 inches instead of 16. Ravelry says this pattern is no longer available, but when I got it a month ago, it was from the Elann website.


It’s time for a little organization

Things I really should be knitting on:

  • my dad’s sweater. I did rip back to the ribbing, and am at the correct stitch count now. I really just need to sit down and chart the cables, do the tiny bit of math needed, and dedicate myself to at least and hour a day knitting this.  My goal is Christmas, but I’d really be happy with before the New Year, as that is when it would actually be cold enough for my dad to wear his sweater.
  • Lightweight Mountain Peaks Shawl. I’ve started the fifteenth out of seventeen plus a partial repeat of the knitted on edge before the short row tip repeat that signal the more than halfway point. I can get two repeats done in one episode of Stargate: SG1 [now showing on Hulu], and can stand about three shows a day. This can be done, and I’d like it done before my birthday at the end of the month. We’ll see.

Thinks I really want to be knitting/sewing/weaving:

  • Egyptian Mittens. I have purple and grey alpaca I’m going to use to make these. I have pink cotton mittens, but they are only useful during the beginning of fall and the end of spring. I want something that will get me through the winter. Shouldn’t take long
  • Bee Fields Triangle Shawl
  • Irtfa’a
  • socks for me. I just finished my Pomotamus socks, and would like another pair. It was so nice to knit with wool again, that I’m tempted to rip out the two inches of knitting I did last night on the cotton socks.
  • weave handspun rug
  • finish spinning the 50/50 silk/mohair 2 ply lace weight
  • finish spinning Creatively Dyed seawool in the green, 2 ply fingering weight
  • sew interchangeable needle organizer.  I’m tired of the plastic case that came with my interchangeable needle set, as it doesn’t really hold the needles. Am thinking of sewing little ribbons with numbers on the end to mark the size.
  • sew new DPN holder. I ran out of room. Yes, I do look sheepish. The one I have will make a nice Christmas gift.

Christmas Gifting [?]:

  • socks for Matt
  • triangle woven shawl for my MiL. This is on the loom, and taking up space in my living room. Am hoping to get done soon.
  • [?]Bee Fields Triangle Shawl for my dad’s partner. She’s a gardener, and I have a lovely dark red merino lace yarn that she would love.


  • knit matching Endpaper Mitt to replace the one I misplaced last winter. It only took me a week to knit one, so this shouldn’t take long. Want to get this done before it gets cold.
  • Central Park Hoodie. I need to take off the zipper, rip off the button band, and take about six inches off the body. I really like the bottom of my sweaters to hit just underneath my hips. The plan is to put in a life line, snip a single stitch, then move up the ribbing, and graft the two together.  I hope to get to that this Saturday afternoon.

What are your plans for fall?