spinning for others

My goal this past weekend was to finish spinning the yarn for my friend Amanda for her birthday. It isn’t a surprise, but I do hope she likes it regardless. Amanda does reenactments with the SCA, and is a fibre enthusiast as well, and I told her I’d spin her some yarn for a shawl. It’s generally nasty, humid, and hot where she is, but last winter it got genuinely cold.

This wool is just wool, though I’m not sure from what kind of sheep. I got it last summer as part of a thank you for a spinning demonstration at Star Gazing Farm in Montgomery County, Maryland.

It’s winging it’s way to her now! Happy Birthday, Amanda!

Spun: 10:1 Ratio | Plyed: 5.5:1 Ratio |10  WPI | Yards: 800| Weight: Heavy DK

  1. Laura said:

    I’m sure she will really enjoy the yarn and the pretty shawl it will make.

  2. sue in Fairfax VA said:

    I know she will enjoy it. If it came from Stargazing, then it is more likely cheviot. She has all the colors! Anyway, it looks great!

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