travel knitting

I’m back from my summer travels! I did quite a bit of flying, and I wanted something I could knit that would be easy to put down if needed. Enter Ysolda Teague’s Ishbel. This particular scarf/shawl pattern has made its way through the knitting scene like white on rice, and I’m glad that I joined in.

This was a great knit for traveling, on and off the plane. I was able to work on this on my way to Seattle, and finish it while staying with my friend Elle during the week before her wedding. It made use of the yarn I picked up in Colorado last year, and I have another warm, colorful something to add to my handknits when it starts to cool.

Yarn: Lonesome Stone %100 Alpaca| Needles: US 6 [4mm]| Blocked Size: 45″ X 19″

Mods: I knit the scarf size as written, but instead of binding off in purl, I knit the bind off. I find that my shawls tend to lay better when that last row is a purl row on the right side.

The other bit of knitting I took with me was my Pomatomus socks. I’m using Plymouth’s Happy Feet. This is the third time I’ve tried knitting this pattern, and I’ve finally had a successful run. The first sock is done, and I’ve knit the cuff of the second. No time for knitting this past week, I’ve been spinning up a storm.

With what kind of knitting do you travel?


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