edging towards the finish

We have gone from this:

To this:

I’ve finished body on my shawl, and have moved on to the edging.  Even though I’m knitting fewer stitches, I cannot seem to knit as long on the edging as I did on the body. I think it’s because of the short repeats; it gets boring faster.

I feel all right not having finished this before leaving on my trip for a few reasons. I didn’t want to burn out on knitting it, and upon finishing, loathing it’s existence. I also feel that I knitted so much of it, and have mostly memorized the chart, that it can become knit night knitting.

The colors are lovely, and the Malabrigo lace is soft. So soft, in fact, that it is felting on the left needle where I am turning the piece back and forth to attach the edging. I don’t think I’ll be using this again for a lace project, though, I am going to reserve judgment until after the shawl has been blocked and worn a few times.


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