I think I’ve finally, finally, found a shawl pattern for the yarn I bought in Seattle last year.

Irtfa’a has been frogged, as I really couldn’t see the pattern just looking at the peice. If I’m going to take the effort to make pretty lace, I want to be able to see it. It also wasn’t quite what I was looking for to remind me of Washington.

I was browsing in Ravelry, and saw that Lynn of Titian Knitter had made this shawl in lace weight instead of cobweb, and it was huge.

Mountainy, with hints of pine and waves.


I’ve only had one rip out thus far, and that’s because I can’t count. It’s lace on both sides, which I’m finding keeps my brain occupied.

I can see the pattern. I’m learning a new skill. I may get it done in the next six weeks.


[Also- I want to knit every shawl Miriam Felton has in her shop. Seriously. Beware my paypal account.]

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  1. In so far as we know you can’t count, it really is going to turn out nice!

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