AHA! Progress!

After lending my wheel to an acquaintance from my knitting group, I’ve felt an urge to spin, a lot. Luckily, there’s lots for me to spin in my tub o’ fiber. [Though, after pulling out the bag for above, and the other two things I have on the bobbins, there’s room. This could be dangerous.] This is wool from last summer? It was part of a thank you for a spinning demonstration. I’m spinning a 3 ply DK yarn for the friend in SCA. This really only took me a few hours, and I have about 160+ yards in the first batch. I need a little over 800 yards, and am hoping to finish it soon.

I’d like to dye it and have it all ready for her when I see her in July, in order to give it to her in person, but we’ll see. I’ve never dyed with indigo, and the resources are scant in my library. I did find something useful, and will also use That Laurie’s tutorial on Stephanie’s blog.


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