This is the last picture I could get before the light went bad yesterday:

All the knitting is actually done for my CPH, and it was washed and blocked last night. All I really need for it now is the 2-way zipper, the backing ribbon, and the patience to sew in the zipper by hand. The button band had over 300 stitches in it; it took me most of yesterday to knit it. I’m really, really pleased with this sweater, and am looking forward to finishing it and having a post detailing all my mods.

Speaking of mods, the mod on the Gentleman’s Fancy Sock into the Gentleman’s Fancy Tabi Sock Part 1 was successful.

I used the shaping from the Sake Socks, and am very very pleased. I’m definitely going to make a pair of ankle socks in this exact pattern for me. I think I need to re-work the part that has all the little toes, but I’ll futz with it on my socks; I’m not reknitting these.

  1. Laura said:

    Congrats on finishing the CPH. You will look good in it!

  2. Bead Sue said:

    What interesting socks! I am not sure how they would feel on my feet! Bring the next time we meet on Wed night! I love your CPH. You did a fantastic knit job! Can’t wait to see it! sue

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