A spring cardi- or, what happened to spring?

We did manage to have a couple of those spring-like days.  For about three weeks, just outside of DC had weather in the 40s and 50s.  Now, it’s hitting almost 90 every day. Hi, Mother Nature, what happened to spring? You know, it comes in between the bitter dampness of winter and the pudding heat of summer? I’d like it back.

In the idea of spring, I started the Central Park Hoodie, in O Wool Balance. It’s a 50/50 organic wool/cotton blend. Ideal for spring in that it’s not as heavy as a worsted weight 100% wool sweater would be, but still warm for those chilly nights and when the wind blows.

Thus far, I have the sleeves, and am about 1/2 an inch from the arm hole shaping on the back. The measurements seem a bit short to me. I’ve knit the back to 20 inches before the arm hole, and the arms to 23 inches before the sleeve cap shaping.  It seems my Amazon is showing.

I’d been going strong for a while, but the heat that’s set in has pretty much rendered this garment useless until Fall. I’m perfectly fine with that, however, as it means I’ll have a sweater ready for when fall does come around. The purpose of knitting the CPH is to replace my ratty University sweater. [The cuff elastic is falling out, it’s shrunk a bit and doesn’t stay around my hips, etc]. This will be a little less casual, but will still work. I’m planning on a zipper for this, a la Kathy/ Grumperina.

I really, really like the color. Matt picked it out for me, said that he liked it on me, and that the name of Amethyst was appropriate. The tweedy is appealing, and the blend isn’t as hard on my hands as a full cotton yarn would be.

What are you knitting for spring?

  1. Laura said:

    Ohhhhh–I really like! Hope I get to see it in person, one day. I agree, I want Spring back.

    • amazonmink said:

      I think we’re getting it today. You’ll see it in person. I’m going to take it in the car with me this weekend- Matt’s going to drive.


  2. Marin said:

    Nice! 🙂
    I really think it is coming along beautifully.
    If you would like, please join the NEW O~Wool group on Ravelry and share your great sweater!

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