Spring is in the air

In the form of water drops, pollen, and birds. I’m not fond of spring as a season, but I’m trying to get in the spirit of it. I started attending yoga classes at my gym, and part of it involves being aware of everything around me. Spring is all around me, and they are kind of hard to ignore. [Insert a sheepish grin here.]

I finally started Anne Hanson’s Irtfa’a shawl in Malabrigo lace. I picked up the yarn last summer when I was in Seattle; the smooshiness and color just called to me.

You can’t really see the lace pattern here, but you can really see the colors. The main part of the colorway goes in between dark purple, navy and black, with those bright green spots. I’m past the shoulder shaping and am getting ready to start the main part of the body. The faroese shaping is new to me, but the construction of lace is familiar. I’ve wanted to knit this since I saw it on Anne’s blog, and am so happy to be able to use a Christmas gift certificate to get the pattern.

I’m so excited to get started on the next bit, even if knitting with lace weight, for me, is slow and sometimes painful. The end result, though, is going to be worth the slow knitting. And- I can finally contribute something to this part of Project Spectrum- check out the green flecks.

  1. Laura said:

    The shawl is really pretty! It’s going quickly.

  2. Lolly said:

    this looks great! I love that 2nd shot with the light coming through 🙂

  3. mel said:

    That is some really gorgeous work Liz 🙂 And hurray for green, and Spring!

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