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We did manage to have a couple of those spring-like days.  For about three weeks, just outside of DC had weather in the 40s and 50s.  Now, it’s hitting almost 90 every day. Hi, Mother Nature, what happened to spring? You know, it comes in between the bitter dampness of winter and the pudding heat of summer? I’d like it back.

In the idea of spring, I started the Central Park Hoodie, in O Wool Balance. It’s a 50/50 organic wool/cotton blend. Ideal for spring in that it’s not as heavy as a worsted weight 100% wool sweater would be, but still warm for those chilly nights and when the wind blows.

Thus far, I have the sleeves, and am about 1/2 an inch from the arm hole shaping on the back. The measurements seem a bit short to me. I’ve knit the back to 20 inches before the arm hole, and the arms to 23 inches before the sleeve cap shaping.  It seems my Amazon is showing.

I’d been going strong for a while, but the heat that’s set in has pretty much rendered this garment useless until Fall. I’m perfectly fine with that, however, as it means I’ll have a sweater ready for when fall does come around. The purpose of knitting the CPH is to replace my ratty University sweater. [The cuff elastic is falling out, it’s shrunk a bit and doesn’t stay around my hips, etc]. This will be a little less casual, but will still work. I’m planning on a zipper for this, a la Kathy/ Grumperina.

I really, really like the color. Matt picked it out for me, said that he liked it on me, and that the name of Amethyst was appropriate. The tweedy is appealing, and the blend isn’t as hard on my hands as a full cotton yarn would be.

What are you knitting for spring?


My Mom had a birthday this month, and had asked for a tam. Actually, she’s been asking for a tam for quite some time, but I was never able to pin it down to exactly what she wanted.

The conversation went something like this:

“Well,” she said, as I was sitting on the phone with her.  “I want a tam. You know what I’m talking about? Black, with a pom pom on top. And beads!”

“Mama, why?” I replied, shaking my head. “Okay, beads and a pom pom. What size is your head?”

“The only ruler I have is straight.”

“Ok. Is wool all right?”

“Wool!” She exclaimed. “The word just makes me itch!”

The conversation then moved on to other bits, but we have the pertinent bits above.

Off the to the local yarn store, which had plenty of things I liked, but nothing that would work for the mum.

Off to the other local yarn store, where I used Matt’s amazing does this itch too much powers, and found yarn.

Later that evening, we have a birthday gift minus a pom, no beads. I put the pom on later that week [after procuring a pom maker. I have an absurd desire to make one of those pom rugs from my mom’s vintage 1970s knitting book. Matt threatened to burn it if I did.]

She loves it! Thought that I had bought it at first, because, instead of making my typical care card, I sent along the tag for the yarn attached with a safety pin. After explaining that yes, I did knit it myself, Mom was enchanted, and proceeded to tell me that the pom had been sacrificed to the cat. I’ve been told no replacement pom is needed.

Pattern: Moss Stitch Beret |Yarn: Aslan Trends Artesanal |Needles: US 3  & US 7

Happy Birthday, Mama!

I’ve really been enjoying reading Mal from Turning Turning. Her posts are thoughtful, and give me a lot to think about as a person, as well as someone who creates.

In that vein, she’s having a give away, wherein she asks that you associate an emotion with a color.

It seemed easy, at first, but it took me longer than I thought to solidify a feeling into one emotion, and why.

I choose green because it makes me feel safe.

Here’s why:

Green is the color of cacti. These plants can survive harsh conditions, including living on my windowsill.

Green is the color my husband is most likely to wear to Church on Sundays.

Bright, vivid greens remind me of the trees in the yard of the house of my childhood.

In the form of water drops, pollen, and birds. I’m not fond of spring as a season, but I’m trying to get in the spirit of it. I started attending yoga classes at my gym, and part of it involves being aware of everything around me. Spring is all around me, and they are kind of hard to ignore. [Insert a sheepish grin here.]

I finally started Anne Hanson’s Irtfa’a shawl in Malabrigo lace. I picked up the yarn last summer when I was in Seattle; the smooshiness and color just called to me.

You can’t really see the lace pattern here, but you can really see the colors. The main part of the colorway goes in between dark purple, navy and black, with those bright green spots. I’m past the shoulder shaping and am getting ready to start the main part of the body. The faroese shaping is new to me, but the construction of lace is familiar. I’ve wanted to knit this since I saw it on Anne’s blog, and am so happy to be able to use a Christmas gift certificate to get the pattern.

I’m so excited to get started on the next bit, even if knitting with lace weight, for me, is slow and sometimes painful. The end result, though, is going to be worth the slow knitting. And- I can finally contribute something to this part of Project Spectrum- check out the green flecks.