Yesterday Was a Blue Day

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Blue isn’t a color I generally associate with sadness as blue is my favorite color. There are different shades to match my mood, and everyone looks good in blue. There’s a reason indigo was and is still so widely used; blue jeans anyone?

My favorite color of blue is the color at twilight that lasts maybe five whole minutes. The air is blue. When the sky goes from that clear light blue to a darker blue to an almost purple to stars. I was able to watch twilight as I drove home from work last night and added just the right touch to the end of the day.

I was racing against the clock, and my hands, Sunday night to finish up Caricia. I just wanted it done, so that I can go on to something else. I was finally at the point where the repeats were memorized, and it just flew off the needles, but I wasn’t able to take any pictures because of the lack of natural light. I still can’t get over how cool it is to knit your own handspun. Really, there’s nothing like it. I’m learning a lot about what I like in a yarn, and how to fix that when I’m spinning to a purpose.

Here’s the detail of the top edging. I’ve never done a shawl that has edging at the top, and the way Anne has it added on as you knit the shawl is really clever.

And this is a detail of the pattern itself. [Please excuse the smudge; it’s probably from me messing around with the lens earlier this week. I’ve since cleaned it off. I was scared it was a scratch!] I love how the pattern is lacy and angular- this would work well for man lace, too.

Caricia in all her blocked glory. I was able to squeeze out 12 repeats with my 560 yards of handspun. I wasn’t able to get the 13th because the first skein was thicker than the others, and I felt ooky about there being 13 repeats on each side.  I know, I’m odd like that. It’s a little bigger than my handspun Swallowtail, but will be perfect for the intended recipient.

My hands wanted a break yesterday, and I couldn’t settle myself down to spin until late last night, so I searched around for a simple crochet pattern. Repeatable and no though involved was the general idea.  I had this ball of light fingering weight silk that I’d spun last summer, and I wanted to use it. I’m trying to use more stash yarn, as well as spin more fiber stash, before I head to Maryland Sheep and Wool in six weeks.

I found the It’s Just a Triangle Tutorial through Ravelry. [I love Ravelry’s search function. It’s seriously helpful.] Just a double crochet pattern, and I did a little shell stitch edging to girl it up. I have hardly any of the ball left over, and it’s just big enough to work either as a staticy headscarf or a light neck scarf. I’m still trying to decide if I need to wait another decade for that to be appropriate, or to just wear it because I like it. I’m teetering more towards the wearing it as a neck scarf, ’cause the silk feels so nice.

So now there’s just Irtfa’a on the needles, of which I will get a picture when I’m done with the drop shoulder char. I’m going to start Matt’s birthday socks soon, that way they are done and out of the way well before said event. It’s going to be a busy summer.

What color does it for you?

  1. You know – blue does it for me too. Seriously. But I also find that a very neutral “buff” does it for me as well – it is very calming an “settles” me. Not sure why.

    Your finished products are beautiful!

    Sorry I couldn’t answer the phone Monday – I’m at work now all day (sucks) and even though I heard my phone, I couldn’t answer it. Office policy.

    Not sure that there’s going to be much time to do anything this week besides work. Laura won’t be there Wednesday night – she is having some ladies from her church start meeting at her house on Thursday evenings – did she say anything to you about that?

    Let me know about Wednesday. Maybe we could just meet somewhere for a quick supper and knit for a couple of hours or something? What do you think?


  2. Laura said:

    Your shawls are really, really pretty! And I really like blue also. That has been my all-time favorite color since I was little.

    Will be there for a little while Wednesday night.

  3. mel said:

    Oh no, I missed this. Lovely words, lovely shawl – that is handspun?!! Really beautiful work – that is an heirloom.

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