I really should be cleaning off my desk….

But why do that when I have pretties to share? I sat down yesterday and decided that I was going to get the sock on the needles done. I’d started the pair in January, and they were just languishing. The rest of the leg went quickly, and I managed to get the heel and gusset decreases done last night watching Nicholas Nickleby [the one with Anne Hathaway].  Cute movie; it was done well enough I’m contemplating hauling out the Dickens and reading it. [Oh, how I loathe Dickens. LOATHE.]


I finished up the rest of the foot and toes this morning watching a travel show on Hulu. We made it through the Dominican Republic, Belize, Thailand, Vietnam, and Croatia.

They’re just stockinette top down socks. I am slowly working toward my goal of wearing only hand knit socks, and this puts me one pair closer. Does anyone have any suggestions for sock yarns for socks for working out? Do you think I could get away with the same cotton blend I’m using here and just making them shorties?


I’m getting quite a collection of shawls, and they keep. falling. off.  The bamboo DPN method only works for so long before one tires of being stabbed whenever one breathes.

I ordered this lovely pin from Nicholas and Felice. I ordered on Monday, and got it today. It was sent all the way from Oregon. I am across the country. It looks really solid, but is so light weight that it doesn’t feel like there’s anything there.  The cool thing? I can use it on my shawls or in my hair.

Spring is starting to rear its ugly head in northern Virginia. Temps are all over the place, the pollen is coming out, and I have no clue what time it is due to the early time change. But I’ll have my pretty new stole, hopefully with pics this weekend.

Have a good weekend!

  1. Laura said:

    Really, really like the new shawl pin!! Great find.

  2. Lolly said:

    Cute socks! I have taken a long sock break, but seeing yours and some others around the Web are making me realize that it might be time again!

    That travel show sounds cool – I always get sucked into those kind of shows! Have you seen No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain? I could watch that all day long!

  3. AlisonH said:

    Cool socks! Cheerful and daffodil-y for spring.

    I got gifted once with a treble clef shawl pin from the same folks; it’s quite nicely done. Enjoy!

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