Snow Day

Here I present the northeast view from my front door, 7 o’clock yesterday morning. It looked like that for the rest of yesterday, and today is bright and sunny, though much colder than it was yesterday. Matt and I spent a quiet day at home. He was working and doing homework, and I was knitting and doing laundry.

Remember the blue handspun? I finished up the last of it last Friday, and went ahead and set the twist and let it dry over the weekend. I have just enough to do the medium sized Caricia shawl. This is three out of twelve repeats.  The charts aren’t set up in a manner I’ve seen before, but once I had someone tell me what the directions said, smooth sailing. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you the same thing as someone else to get it.

I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. Unfortunately, the first hank is slightly heavier than the other three, and that’s the one I chose to use first. However, after ripping it out a few times, I’m not starting over again.

Remember the oh so fiddly yet glorious Ironwork socks? I’ve decided I can’t do it.  These socks are back in their balled form. I love the pattern, but I can’t see the pattern on my feet without my glasses on. To me, there isn’t the point of doing that much beautiful work on socks if I can’t even see it. Still, I want to use the pattern. Melinda, from knit night, suggested I use the pattern on a hat. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Three repeats around in stead of two, or going up to the larger sized sock will give me enough stitches to knit this into a hat I can wear- and can appreciate.

  1. Yep – it was indeed a snow day! I finished two projects! We are having lunch Wednesday at Noodles and Company in downtown Fairfax at 11:30 – Sue, Lynn, hopefully Laura etc. Come join us! Bring your knitting!


  2. Laura said:

    I had to be out in that weather to go to work, but it wasn’t too bad. Too bad I couldn’t have stayed home and gotten a project or two completed.

    The hat will look loverly.

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