Monthly Archives: March 2009

Last night I went to Laura’s to knit with a few ladies from her church. I didn’t get as much knitting as I had planned, but that was because I was helping new knitters and talking and eating some fabulous cookie thing. [I took one for Matt. He loved them, too.] I didn’t have anything on the needles, so I decided to go ahead and start Matt’s birthday socks. We’re going to get really busy starting next month, traveling and weddings and the like, so I wanted to get a head start.

I’m knitting Nancy Bush’s Gentleman’s Fancy Sock. The pattern repeat is so much easier than it looks, and was perfect for chatting and knitting. I’m planning on making them even more fancy by making the tabi toes. Matt loves the pair he received as a gift a few years ago, and requested that his next pair of socks have those toes.

Speaking of fancy, I finished plying the first bobbin of the 50/50 mohair/silk I bought from Colleen last spring. In the effort to spin things up before MD S&W, this 8 oz was the first in the queue.  Spinning is so much safer right now because everything I’ve tried to knit has gone to pot.

I’m spinning it at a heavy lace/light fingering weight with the idea of knitting this into a shawl. The silky sheen and mohair-y fuzz are fantastic. I don’t know what the yardage is, because I’m going to spin the end of the bobbin onto the next on as I put it on the niddy noddy so that I have just one long uninterrupted ball o’ goodness. I haven’t decided if I’m going to leave it natural, or dye it. The plan for this weekend is to spin up and ply another 2 bobbins with the idea of finishing the spinning sometime next week.


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Blue isn’t a color I generally associate with sadness as blue is my favorite color. There are different shades to match my mood, and everyone looks good in blue. There’s a reason indigo was and is still so widely used; blue jeans anyone?

My favorite color of blue is the color at twilight that lasts maybe five whole minutes. The air is blue. When the sky goes from that clear light blue to a darker blue to an almost purple to stars. I was able to watch twilight as I drove home from work last night and added just the right touch to the end of the day.

I was racing against the clock, and my hands, Sunday night to finish up Caricia. I just wanted it done, so that I can go on to something else. I was finally at the point where the repeats were memorized, and it just flew off the needles, but I wasn’t able to take any pictures because of the lack of natural light. I still can’t get over how cool it is to knit your own handspun. Really, there’s nothing like it. I’m learning a lot about what I like in a yarn, and how to fix that when I’m spinning to a purpose.

Here’s the detail of the top edging. I’ve never done a shawl that has edging at the top, and the way Anne has it added on as you knit the shawl is really clever.

And this is a detail of the pattern itself. [Please excuse the smudge; it’s probably from me messing around with the lens earlier this week. I’ve since cleaned it off. I was scared it was a scratch!] I love how the pattern is lacy and angular- this would work well for man lace, too.

Caricia in all her blocked glory. I was able to squeeze out 12 repeats with my 560 yards of handspun. I wasn’t able to get the 13th because the first skein was thicker than the others, and I felt ooky about there being 13 repeats on each side.  I know, I’m odd like that. It’s a little bigger than my handspun Swallowtail, but will be perfect for the intended recipient.

My hands wanted a break yesterday, and I couldn’t settle myself down to spin until late last night, so I searched around for a simple crochet pattern. Repeatable and no though involved was the general idea.  I had this ball of light fingering weight silk that I’d spun last summer, and I wanted to use it. I’m trying to use more stash yarn, as well as spin more fiber stash, before I head to Maryland Sheep and Wool in six weeks.

I found the It’s Just a Triangle Tutorial through Ravelry. [I love Ravelry’s search function. It’s seriously helpful.] Just a double crochet pattern, and I did a little shell stitch edging to girl it up. I have hardly any of the ball left over, and it’s just big enough to work either as a staticy headscarf or a light neck scarf. I’m still trying to decide if I need to wait another decade for that to be appropriate, or to just wear it because I like it. I’m teetering more towards the wearing it as a neck scarf, ’cause the silk feels so nice.

So now there’s just Irtfa’a on the needles, of which I will get a picture when I’m done with the drop shoulder char. I’m going to start Matt’s birthday socks soon, that way they are done and out of the way well before said event. It’s going to be a busy summer.

What color does it for you?

But why do that when I have pretties to share? I sat down yesterday and decided that I was going to get the sock on the needles done. I’d started the pair in January, and they were just languishing. The rest of the leg went quickly, and I managed to get the heel and gusset decreases done last night watching Nicholas Nickleby [the one with Anne Hathaway].  Cute movie; it was done well enough I’m contemplating hauling out the Dickens and reading it. [Oh, how I loathe Dickens. LOATHE.]


I finished up the rest of the foot and toes this morning watching a travel show on Hulu. We made it through the Dominican Republic, Belize, Thailand, Vietnam, and Croatia.

They’re just stockinette top down socks. I am slowly working toward my goal of wearing only hand knit socks, and this puts me one pair closer. Does anyone have any suggestions for sock yarns for socks for working out? Do you think I could get away with the same cotton blend I’m using here and just making them shorties?


I’m getting quite a collection of shawls, and they keep. falling. off.  The bamboo DPN method only works for so long before one tires of being stabbed whenever one breathes.

I ordered this lovely pin from Nicholas and Felice. I ordered on Monday, and got it today. It was sent all the way from Oregon. I am across the country. It looks really solid, but is so light weight that it doesn’t feel like there’s anything there.  The cool thing? I can use it on my shawls or in my hair.

Spring is starting to rear its ugly head in northern Virginia. Temps are all over the place, the pollen is coming out, and I have no clue what time it is due to the early time change. But I’ll have my pretty new stole, hopefully with pics this weekend.

Have a good weekend!

Here I present the northeast view from my front door, 7 o’clock yesterday morning. It looked like that for the rest of yesterday, and today is bright and sunny, though much colder than it was yesterday. Matt and I spent a quiet day at home. He was working and doing homework, and I was knitting and doing laundry.

Remember the blue handspun? I finished up the last of it last Friday, and went ahead and set the twist and let it dry over the weekend. I have just enough to do the medium sized Caricia shawl. This is three out of twelve repeats.  The charts aren’t set up in a manner I’ve seen before, but once I had someone tell me what the directions said, smooth sailing. Sometimes you need someone else to tell you the same thing as someone else to get it.

I’m pleased with how it’s turning out. Unfortunately, the first hank is slightly heavier than the other three, and that’s the one I chose to use first. However, after ripping it out a few times, I’m not starting over again.

Remember the oh so fiddly yet glorious Ironwork socks? I’ve decided I can’t do it.  These socks are back in their balled form. I love the pattern, but I can’t see the pattern on my feet without my glasses on. To me, there isn’t the point of doing that much beautiful work on socks if I can’t even see it. Still, I want to use the pattern. Melinda, from knit night, suggested I use the pattern on a hat. So, that’s what I’m going to do. Three repeats around in stead of two, or going up to the larger sized sock will give me enough stitches to knit this into a hat I can wear- and can appreciate.