I’m stuck with what I’m knitting. The Lady E stole grows ball by ball. I’m on ball 6 of 9, [we are the Knitting!Borg, we will assimilate you] and I’m… bored isn’t quite the word, I think it’s complacent. That, and each ball begins and ends with the same color of purple, and I’m trying to avoid huge purple swathes across the stole. Maybe I could cut the purple out to the length of the fringe?

The socks have half of the cuff ribbing. Same old, same old.

I tried knitting new stuff, like EZ’s Pi Shawl. It is most obviously not going to work for the amount of lace weight I have, but it gave me a nice idea of what the color sequencing is going to be like, and what I can realistically expect from the yarn. Malabrigo lace wieght is so soft, and sturdy. Singly ply lace wieght makes me a bit nervous, but this stuff is holding up well to it’s third frogging.

Pattern suggestions, anyone? I have three balls, about 1400 yards, and I want to use the lot of it up.  It’s a souvenier from my trip to Seattle last summer, and I’m hoping for something feathery. Maybe I should just try and find a stitch dictionary and figure it out myself.

These are bulbs stuck in the glass container, which is now residing in the refrigerator. Matt got me Asiatic Black Out Lily bulbs, with accoutrement, for Valentine’s Day as my flowers. Wasn’t that thoughtful? We get to pick out various other bulbs to keep in rotation for forcing for the rest of the year. I thought it was sweet, and I can’t wait to watch them grow. Does the green in the stems count for PS 2009?

What do you do when you’re stuck on a knitting project, but nothing else seems to capture your attention?

  1. I have some new yarn I’m looking for a shawl pattern for. It is Merino Cashmere 3 ply lace and I have been on the lookout for something to make it into. I am going to bring a lacy shawl pattern book with me not this Wednesday as I am out of town, but next Wednesday. You may look in it as well and copy what you wish! See you in a week!

  2. laura said:

    Would that colorway work for a feather and fan shawl? Just a suggestion. I like your bulbs.

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