A little color, perhaps?

Matt and I went to a friend’s birthday shindig in DC on Friday. It was cold, as it is wont to be in this area in January, so I worked the whole of the day to finish a new hat to wear to said event.  It also matches my pink mittens perfectly. My… someone would be so proud, I’m sure. We’re not big on the matching in my family. Practical and practical, the lot of us. Maybe my aunt? Dad’s partner? I digress.

Presenting, very late at night, Gretel. I made the regular size, which fits my head perfectly. I think the people who can wear the fitted must not have as large noggins as I do. I really enjoyed working with the Malabrigo- my first time. However, I don’t think a sweater is ever going to be made out of it; it’s too loosely spun, and started to pill with the little bit of turning I did as I was knitting the hat. I’ve knit this before, and I’m really glad I made it for myself. It’s tempting to buy every color of Malabrigo to make more. I love it that much.

New socks for me! Elann Esprit cotton, which is turning out to make a nice, sturdy fall/spring weight sock. The top picture has a more accurate color representation. I finished this one up during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Wasn’t that a great game? I didn’t pay much attention to it; Matt’s family celebrates it as junk food Sunday, and I was much more focused on the Salt ‘n’ Vinegar chips. [Why yes, I do eat them until I get a hole in my tounge, don’t you?]


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