It seems I’m going through a pink phase

This past Saturday, Matt and I went to the JMU v GMU basketball game at my alma mater, GMU. [Matt went to JMU]. Neither of us actually went to a sporting even for our schools when we were students there, so it seemed appropriate that we would go to one when both schools were playing. Matt’s mom won the tickets from her work, so we didn’t even have to pay.

We had a lot of fun, and GMU stomped, JMU, beating the Dukes by over 10 points. I think that says something about my school, even if JMU has way better food.

Of course, I took knitting with me.

I have fingerless gloves, but I wanted something that would actually cover my whole hand. The stash was tossed, and out came the single skein of Cotton Fleece that I’d bough a while ago to swatch for a sweater. I decided not to use the yarn for a sweater, but the left overs were more than enough to knit myself a pair of mittens.

They are actually done, I finished them up a little while after taking this picture. I did, however, knit the equivalent of two pairs, because I had to rip them out a few times to get the fit right. I’m happy with how they turned out, and will use the recipie again in the future.

They go well with my new pink socks, and I have Malabrigo in the same color to make myself a Gretel. I think I’m wanting the bright colors to contrast with the winter. I like it so far.


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