Some stuff from stash, and not

Making little lap quilts and things-to-put-on- leather-seats-in-the-car-to-keep-my-bum-from-freezing-off present nice stash busting and quilting technique opportunities.

Enter a zigzag quilt. I got the idea from Nettie at A Quilt is Nice. I loved the sea theme she had, and thought that I had something in the stash that would work as a prototype. The turquoise is leftover from the black and turquoise quilt I made for a friend for her birthday. I used that for the plain stripes, as well as for the backing. The 50s Coke fabric is left over from my brother’s eight grade home ec boxer shorts sewing project. He brought the leftovers home for me because he knew that I would use them. Seven years later, I have. It wasn’t nearly as tedious as I thought it would be, nor as hard.

I learned that I need to be more fussy about what size my squares are if I want nice points on a machine. The tape and glue method gave me a nice, wrinkle free back. I’m really happy with how it turned out, and am planning to make a large zigzag quilt for my brother when I have worked through my fabric stash.

Socks! If my sock yarn stash and fabric stash were to have a fight, I’m not sure who would win. The fabric is older and wiser, but there’s a LOT of sock yarn.

These are my basic sock recipe for this yarn, which is Elann Esprit Print. It’s the stuff I’ve been using for Matt’s feet, and I took a girly color way out of his stash to use for my own. I think I had maybe 6 yards left over, total. I like a sock that uses up almost every last inch. They are about an inch shorter than I would normally make them, but, being cotton, will make a nice edition to the spring/fall sock wearing months when I need socks, but not wool ones.

It seems I’m knitting quite a bit of cotton right now. The only active thing on my needles is a Lady Eleanor.

I’m knitting it out of Noro Matsuri. It’s about an 80/20 cotton wool blend, so it’s a lot softer than other Noro yarn I’ve felt, and it’s a cabled construction, something I’ve never used before. It does have a lot of knots, two or three in a ball of yarn, but I’ve learned that it’s to be expected with Noro.

About a third of the way done, and I’m loving the color changes. There’s a neon pink down at the bottom, and I thought it would look horrible, along with that blue, but the other colors mute the brightness. I can’t wait to get this done- it’s going to look great with my black coat.

The yarn for this didn’t come from the stash. Webs was having their annual year end close outs, and I was able to get the yarn for a reasonable price. Happy Christmas to me.

Are you knitting/sewing/crafting/updating only from your stash this year? How do you balance stash knitting and casting on with what you’ve just brought home [from the store or from the post office]?

  1. cheryl said:

    Wow sounds and looks like you’ve definately been busy. I know I am snow bound on our mountain, so have been doing some serious sewing, quilting and embroidery. Trying my hand at crazy quilting in between times. Am going to start on resizing the pattern I have for a dress, so I can get something for myself going. I seem to get tooo many things going at one time, or I go in stages of decline…can’t get motivated sometimes.

  2. sue said:

    I just love the shawl Liz!! I didn’t see you with it last night and was wondering if it was done!
    I finished writing out the pattern today for the Entrelac and you are a SAINT! Thanks so much for your help. I came home with your directions and guess what… It ALL came back to me!


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