Seven Steps to Fixing Knitting Mistake

Step 1 : Toddle out of bed and find pants.

Step 2: Wipe sleep out of eyes as the computer is turned on.

Step 3: Download podcast of choice.

Step 4: Prepare smaller needle for the picking up of stitches.

Step 5: Ruthlessly pull out needle in lacy bit, pull out two rows.

Step 6: Pick up stitches with smaller needle.

Step 7: Wake up all the way, and realize what you just did, and then be thankful that you weren’t completely awake when you did do that tricky bit of fixing, because if you had been completely awake, you would have been swearing and fretting and sweating.

Mission Successful

Bonus: Remember to put glasses on before knitting.

Continue as planned, pretending to do the maths necessary to figure out that you can probably knit 3 to 4  more repeats of the lace before starting the edging.

Note: This does not mean you’ll finish today.

  1. AlisonH said:

    Back on the needles! * the torpedoeing stitches, full speed ahead!

  2. Laura said:

    Will you bring it Wednesday? Glad you weren’t awake yet.

  3. AlisonH said:

    And I’m still waiting for podcasts to come with closed captions…

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