Oh Tannenbaum, Oh Tannenbaum!

Wie Schoene sind dein Blaetter?

This year’s Christmas tree: color lights, angel on top [ she needs a star. and a good re-blocking.] Ornaments that Matt and I bought, along with ones inherited from childhood. Don’t worry- we don’t use our fireplace.

Also- a hat.

Another Odessa, but this time for me. They knit up so quickly, but I like a hat that covers my ears all the way, so I had to knit it an inch longer than called for in the pattern. Keeps my head decently warm, though I’m thinking of knitting another one in a thicker wool for when it’s windy.

[PS: I was looking at the picture again, the one of the hat, and it looks like it’s floating. That is SO COOL. So, how do I make it not do that?]

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  1. AlisonH said:

    Good to know, thank you–I’ll write that on the pattern so I don’t forget. Thanks!

    I always can’t help laughing at that song. Someone had the bright idea in the 1800’s to write what became the state song of Maryland, my home state, and put it to that tune. The thing goes on for eleventy-leven verses, most of which they never show, much less teach, the schoolchildren these days: like the one that calls Lincoln a despot. “Avenge the patriot gore that ran the streets of Baltimore!” Uh, yeah. Right.

    Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree. Maryland my Maryland. I know, it’s weird.

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