I hope y’all in the US had a great Thanksgiving- I did.  Along with eating all sorts of fantastic food, I took quite a bit of knitting with me. When I told Matt how much I had packed in my knitting bag, he scoffed and looked at me to make sure I wasn’t feverish.

“I think you may have overpacked, dear,” he said, looking at the bag near over flowing.

HA. Christmas knitting has almost been, if you’ll excuse my language, spanked, thanks to a nice long visit with family for the holiday.

Turn a Square

I went down a needle size from the recommended and it’s still huge on my head. My brother’s head is a little larger than mine, and he has big, fluffly, curly, emo hair. This will keep his head warm as he’s out working with out messing with his ‘do. I think I want to make one for myself that’s a bit smaller. I think if I just take out 8 stiches or so from my orignal cast on, then it’ll fit me fine. This took a few movies and some Christmas decorating to finish.


I knit this out of the leftovers from my FLS. [Which is done, by the way, and I’ve worn it. I’m really enjoying it; I just need Matt to take FO pics for me. Maybe this weekend?] This is another Christmas gift off the list. MUAHAHAHA.

That was it for the Christmas knitting that I could do in public while visiting family.  I also took along some yarn just for stash busting, which resulted in a Baby Surprise Jacket that just needs to be put together, and this:


This is knit out of a ball of Royal Llama Silk. I LOVE this yarn. It’s warm, slightly shiny, and just so, so SOFT. I want to make a whole sweater out of this because I could wear it against my skin. Price, however, will probably keep me from doing this. Yeeeah. I had to knit it twice because I didn’t get gague with the recommended needle size. It’s still a little big, and needs a button, but I’m really looking forward to wearing it.

Shifting Garter Rib Socks

I’m THIS close to being done with Matt’s Christmas socks. I have one repeat left on the foot and then the toes. Depending on what I get done tonight, I’ll finish them up tonight or tomorrow at Knit night.

Please ignore my autumn pedicure- I changed it up today.  All I have after Matt’s socks is a shawl, and at one repeat a day, I’ll easily finish it by Christmas, including blocking.

I’ve a new camera, and I haven’t figured out it’s sweet spot yet, but I’m having loads of fun playing with it. Knitting is so cool in eight mega pixels with macro and zoom. It may be too much camera for this knitter.

Happy knitting! I hope you’re holiday knitting is going well?

  1. I LOVE those hats! I would love to make some for Christmas – I do need to find patterns! Are you going to be around Wednesday evening at the store? I’ll see you then!

  2. AlisonH said:

    I just printed the pattern out–thank you for the link!

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