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Hi. I had a great Christmas am looking forward to New Years’ tomorrow. More when I can breathe/eat/see/swallow.

Merry Uddyups!


Christmas knitting is ALL DONE. I’ll have FO pictures after the recipient gets it. I’m waiting until the morning before we leave to block it, so it’s nice and crisp when she gets it Christmas morning.

But enough of that. How about we move onto me? Yes, that’s better.

I bought the pattern for the Ironwork socks …quite some time ago. Maybe a few months after the last corrections went out.

I tried knitting them; I really, really did.

There were a few problems

I wasn’t quite ready to handle the charts yet, and needed to do some more charted knitting.

The yarn I was using wasn’t great for the pattern, either, as it was a little too varigated for the twisted and traveling stitches to really show.

And, it was too big. I like my socks snug. That yarn was reappropriated for a thank  you gift, and the pattern sat in my file folder, awaiting for the day I would pull it out and look at it again.

Fast forward about six months, and I’m bored out of my mind knitting for Christmas. Nothing against simple knits- they are fast, and I chose them precisely for that reason.

The Ironwork socks were calling my with their siren song. Everything on these socks are charted: the leg, the heel, and the instep. The ‘resting rows’ aren’t just knitted, they have a little bit of pattern work, too. Three different sizes are offered, and oh, the charts.

The charts are so lovely. I have to check the symbol key every few rows because a new something has to be executed. The beginning of the round shifts every once in a while in a clever way.

Perfect. It’s complicated enough that I won’t be bored, but not so complicated that I’ll be pulling my hair out. It’s a nice pattern to make my brain wake up so I can really start working on my dad’s sweater. [More on that later].

I’ve gotten through the first repeat of the leg chart, and am loving it. It’s a little diffucult to photograph, since I’m using red yarn, but the Happy Feet has great stitch defintion. I can’t wait to finish them up.

I finished plying this bobbin of merino/silk that’s been sitting on my wheel for AGES. It’s going to be a something- I haven’t decided what to do with it yet.

And in the spirit of using up more handspun, I present a crocheted rug, to go in the bedroom.

I finally, finally, have knitted the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. Stash busted, too. I have maybe five yards left over. SWEET.

I actually ran out of yarn two rows before I was done with the knitting, but it worked in my favor. The BSJ would have looked jaundiced if it was monochrome. Matt offered up some leftovers from his sock stash*. The orange? Perfect. I was able to knit the last two rows and bind off. Then, taking a note from Stephanie”s BSJ, I crocheted in the orange around the neckline and the sleeves. SO CUTE.

It’s also HUGE. That’s my iron for scale. I wasn’t knitting this with a recipient in mind, just to use up the stash and to finally knit it. It’s large enough for a toddler, me thinks, and in a nice, gender neutral shade. I may just keep it for myself for if and when I have kidlets. Or-  I may give it away. We’ll see.

A note about the yarn: spliiiiiittttty. It’s a discontinued Berrocco? I think? I lost the ball bands? There are little bits of yarn that I didn’t catch and when I went back to pick them up? STILL POUFFY. Also, since it’s mercerized, I cannot weave ends in. So there are little knots. I will NEVER use this yarn again. It was a gift from a friend, she wasn’t going to use it because she hated how it knitted up, and would I be able to find a use for it? Yes, yes indeed.

*I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Matt has his own stash of yarn. He doesn’t knit, or anything of that fibery manner, but it’s the stuff for the socks I knit for him, and is in his own stash since it comes out of his stash budget and is stored separately from mine.

ELLE! Yes you! DO not read this post! 😀

I’m using up more of that handspun. Foliage, from Knitty. I love that the pattern details two different weighted yarns- it makes using up those single skeins of handspun a little easier.

A better picture of the Christmas gift.

Cute, CUTE, label sleeves. I don’t remember where I found them last year, but I’m sure if I bothered to look at the PDF, it would tell me.

14 rows and a bind off, and I’m DONE with Christmas knitting. How about you?

Step 1 : Toddle out of bed and find pants.

Step 2: Wipe sleep out of eyes as the computer is turned on.

Step 3: Download podcast of choice.

Step 4: Prepare smaller needle for the picking up of stitches.

Step 5: Ruthlessly pull out needle in lacy bit, pull out two rows.

Step 6: Pick up stitches with smaller needle.

Step 7: Wake up all the way, and realize what you just did, and then be thankful that you weren’t completely awake when you did do that tricky bit of fixing, because if you had been completely awake, you would have been swearing and fretting and sweating.

Mission Successful

Bonus: Remember to put glasses on before knitting.

Continue as planned, pretending to do the maths necessary to figure out that you can probably knit 3 to 4  more repeats of the lace before starting the edging.

Note: This does not mean you’ll finish today.

I am THIS close to finishing my Christmas knitting and then moving on to knitting for me. I have some Ironwork socks that have ribbing, and the lovely smooshy yarn is calling my name.

Except, I have to rip back a repeat of edging of little lace-weight yarn, pick up the stitches, knit another pattern repeat and try and figure out if I have enough to knit another AFTER that, then start the edging.

Just because I’ve knitted this pattern twice before doesn’t mean that it can’t kick my butt.

erg. Am setting it down and picking it back up tomorrow. Where’s my cocoa with Creme de Menthe?

Wie Schoene sind dein Blaetter?

This year’s Christmas tree: color lights, angel on top [ she needs a star. and a good re-blocking.] Ornaments that Matt and I bought, along with ones inherited from childhood. Don’t worry- we don’t use our fireplace.

Also- a hat.

Another Odessa, but this time for me. They knit up so quickly, but I like a hat that covers my ears all the way, so I had to knit it an inch longer than called for in the pattern. Keeps my head decently warm, though I’m thinking of knitting another one in a thicker wool for when it’s windy.

[PS: I was looking at the picture again, the one of the hat, and it looks like it’s floating. That is SO COOL. So, how do I make it not do that?]