That knitting brings people together.

My husband, Matt, is thinking about joining the local blacksmithng guild. He was at a meeting tonight, when he looked over and noticed a woman knitting.

He recognized her needles. Walking up to her, he asked, “Are those Addi Turbos?” [He made the sound from Cast-On in his head. Buzzzzzouuuun.]

“Yeeeessss?” She answered slowly. “Are you a knitter?”

They continued to talk. Matt is a sponge, and constantly asks me questions about what I’m knitting, the why’s and how’s of needle and yarn and pattern choice.

I’m just proud he recognizes an Addi from 50 feet away.

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  1. AlisonH said:


    My husband once commented to a co-worker, a new knitter, struggling over her stitches, offering a suggestion, and got the same stunned reaction. He had to explain that no, he didn’t knit, but he’d absorbed enough by osmosis from me.

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