For NaKniSweMo, I joined the 2700 something other knitters in knitting the February Lady Sweater.

It’s a quick knit, taking me about two weeks on and off to finish it. I was torn between a double zipper and toggles. I was told by my fashion expert that toggles, wooden, are the way to go.

I plan on trekking to G Street today to get three wooden toggles, a how to, and beads.

The beads are for a Christmas gift, as the Christmas knitting I refused to do this year has expanded from socks for Matt to a shawl for my dad’s partner, and some super sekret knitting I can’t write about here because she reads the blog. [Yes, Elle, I mean you. 😛 ]

To hold you over, here are some work in progress shots I took last week of my FLS.



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  1. AlisonH said:

    I love that pattern! Have fun knitting it!

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