Monthly Archives: November 2008

That knitting brings people together.

My husband, Matt, is thinking about joining the local blacksmithng guild. He was at a meeting tonight, when he looked over and noticed a woman knitting.

He recognized her needles. Walking up to her, he asked, “Are those Addi Turbos?” [He made the sound from Cast-On in his head. Buzzzzzouuuun.]

“Yeeeessss?” She answered slowly. “Are you a knitter?”

They continued to talk. Matt is a sponge, and constantly asks me questions about what I’m knitting, the why’s and how’s of needle and yarn and pattern choice.

I’m just proud he recognizes an Addi from 50 feet away.


For NaKniSweMo, I joined the 2700 something other knitters in knitting the February Lady Sweater.

It’s a quick knit, taking me about two weeks on and off to finish it. I was torn between a double zipper and toggles. I was told by my fashion expert that toggles, wooden, are the way to go.

I plan on trekking to G Street today to get three wooden toggles, a how to, and beads.

The beads are for a Christmas gift, as the Christmas knitting I refused to do this year has expanded from socks for Matt to a shawl for my dad’s partner, and some super sekret knitting I can’t write about here because she reads the blog. [Yes, Elle, I mean you. 😛 ]

To hold you over, here are some work in progress shots I took last week of my FLS.



As I mentioned before, I finished Matt’s anniversary socks well before that day. He loved them; so much in fact, he stuck his feet in the air and demanded that they be worn that instant, to bed, and then off to work the next day.

His enthusiasm for handknit socks is one of the reasons I try to knit a pair for him for every gift giving occasion. Luckily, our feet are practically the same size, his are just a bit longer, so I can try his socks on as  I go to make sure that they’ll fit. I can also use these as a reference for other socks knitted in the Classic Elite. I have enough to stock him in socks for quite a while.

Pattern: My standard top down, 64 stitches, slip stitch heel flap, contrasting toe, heel, and band

Yarn: Classic Elite Esprit solid, 2 balls Gold, 1/2 ball Red

Needles: US 1 [2.25mm] DPN

Next up in the round up are the Monkey Socks I knit for myself.

[My legs really aren’t that white, I promise. We had funny indoor light.]

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A

Yarn: Schaffer Anne Sockittome in Northern Lights

Needles: US 1 [2.25mm], 2 circs

I knit a pair for Manda in Florida, and I wanted a pair for myself, but longer. I added an extra repeat to the leg, and had six on the foot, and had a ton of yarn left over. I have enough left over that I could have done two extra repeats on the leg. I like my socks tall as it is, and they hit right below where my calf starts to get shapely. I’m really, really excited with how these turned out. The colorway is impossible for my camera to capture just right, it’s a lot more saturated and contrasting than the photo makes it look.

I tried the Eye of the Partidge heel for these, and I love how they turned out. The little bursts of color are perfect for the alternating slipped stitches. Matt and I were down with a bug and then a slight case of food poisoing, so these were my companions last week. Laying in bed was about all I was good for, and it gave me the motivation to just get them done already. Socks this simple really shouldn’t take me six weeks to knit.

[Matt got in the way here with is white socks, and it made me giggle so much I had to share]

So, I finished two pairs of socks in October, and that makes me feel pretty good.

I started one other pair, though, Halloween night, while waiting for Matt to get home from his play date. Once again, turning to the cotton/nylon Classic Elite sock stash. They are for him, for Christmas, and he doesn’t know about them and hasn’t seen them yet. He requested a ‘pattern’ on his next pair, so a pattern he gets.

I’m calling them the Shifting Rib socks, as they are a gater rib pattern for 5 rounds before shifting over one stitch. Easy enough for car knitting, interesting enough I won’t fall asleep. That’s almost the whole leg for the first sock. I think I should be able to get these done for Christmas with no issue. It’s the only planned Christmas knitting I have for this year, as I’m taking the year off. Anything else that gets knitted is pure coincidence.