Monday’s are for Dyeing

Apparently, Thursdays are for posting. I would have posted this earlier, except that I enjoy natural light for photos, and Photobucket didn’t believe me when I told it I really did want the pictures to be smaller.

Monday was a dyeing day. I didn’t wake up that morning with this intention; I normally try to plan the days I’m going to dye, that way the kitchen is clean, all the needed materials are procured, and I have the time set out.

Deciding to join the Nation Sweater Knitting Month wasn’t that difficult of a decision. I’ve been wanting to knit another sweater, and specifically, I’ve wanted to join the 2000 or so other people who’ve knit the February Lady Sweater. It’s appealing because of it’s seamless construction, the garter that bleeds down to lace, and that I only have to try it on to make sure it’s long enough.

I enjoyed knitting my Mr. Greenjeans [of which I still need to take FO pictures. Note to self, next sunny day, do so – HA! See you in a few posts, buster], which has a very similar construction.

Also- I had the yarn for it in stash. Another bonus. I’ll be able to use up 12 or so balls, I like a really long sweater and my torso is ridiculous in it’s length.

However, I already have a lovely red sweater. Aha! Purple? I don’t have a purple sweater. I have purple dye. But woudn’t it be smarted to overdye with blue? You have more of the blue dye.

So, kitchen was scrubbed, and out came the dye and the cauldron.

I hanked up two balls of the Peruvian HIghland wool, just in case I didn’t like how it turned out, I could always knit a scarf and give it away.

Loved it, so much, that you get another shot. So, another batch of two, and then two batches of four later, and I have twelve balls in a lovely shade of red plumy purple. I got the idea from Julia at KnitterlyThings, when she overdyed yarn for a sweater. Having to do multiple batches makes me want a taller pot. Thrift store and Tuesday Morning, watch out!

1 comment
  1. Laura said:

    The purple turned out good. I never really know when I’ll be dying for sure. It’s always spur of the moment with me.

    Missed you Wednesday night.

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