Socks are always on the needles. They are usually for me; socks are the one thing I tend to knit for myself that don’t get gifted, though I’ve been finding myself making them for gifts lately.

The Anniversary Socks are coming along. The first one looks like this:

And the second one is about an inch short of starting the color change for the red toes. Matt already likes them; he had to try them on so I could make sure they weren’t too short. It’s the first time I’ve knitted him socks with something resembling fingering weight yarn, so I couldn’t count rows like I did with the other two pairs.  I’ll have these to use as a reference point for the Christmas pair about which he knows NOTHING, for once.

The problem is simple, though- which pattern to make for him?

There are the Boyfriend Socks, or socks using the double helix cable I used for his scarf [he’s hinted about this, loudly], or something else? Matt has specifically said he wants a patterned sock for his next pair. He doesn’t have a color preference usually. Unlike most men, Matt is not afraid of color, but he doesn’t want a “girly pattern.”

Bah. Men.

Speaking of patterns, I’ve decided to put out the pattern for my Cabled Trouser Socks. I need to do a little editing, but it’ll be available in three different sizes, I think. I’m a little stuck on the calf shaping, but I’ve been doing some research there, so, we’ll see. I’m trying to avoid a fifteen page pattern for something that really doesn’t need that much information.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Laura said:

    The socks look good!

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