It’s Fall!

I keep meaning to post. I take photos, even, and upload them, but then I forget, or life gets in the way. My goal was once a week, and I’ve been falling woefully short of that. I put the wordpress log in thingity at the top of my web browser; I’m hoping that’ll prod me to post more often.

Now, the good stuff.

Pattern: Gilmore Vest Yarn: Knit Picks Merino Style, 4.5 balls Needles: US 4, 5, & 6

I had a lot of problems knitting this, and that was mostly because of the pattern. The gauge was spot on, but the coordinating numbers in the pattern were way off, on a lot of accounts. I had to redo the math myself, which is something I wasn’t expecting to do with this. The Vest was supposed to be a breather from the Cluaranach shawl I’d done before.

None of that really matters, because it came out wayyy to large. I’m not worried about it, as it fits a good friend of mine.  She’ll get it for Christmas.

Speaking of gifts, September is the month of birthdays in my small group of friends. One in the beginning [she got the Monkeys, and loves them!], and one a few days before mine [which is the 28th.] I didn’t know what she wanted, so I threw some ideas at Elle, then some patterns. She chose the first one of these, and I chose the latter to use up some of the left over yarn. Over all, a very successful gift pair. I already sent them off, and I hope she likes them.

Pattern: Gretel  Yarn:Naturally Caron Country in Peacock; 1 1/4 balls Needles: US 5, 7

Pattern: Fetching Yarn: Naturally Caron Country in Peacock; 1/4 ball Needles: US 5

The bottom picture shows the color a bit more accurately. Gretel was a fairly quick knit, though I am pining to get rid of my Denise Interchangeables and switch to Knit Picks. [I am selling them, if anyone’s interested.] Ysolda Teague’s pattern was clear, and formatted very nicely. I really enjoyed knitting this, though I think I may need to go down a needle size the next time so that I get a hat that’s a bit less floppy. I knit the largest size here, and if I knit it again out of this yarn, I’d only do 2 repeats of the cable chart.

The Fetching also only took a few hours each. I really could have done them all in one sitting, but I got bored. Cables cables and more cables; I just can’t get enough.

That sums the gift knitting for this year though- almost. I’m going to try and get Matt’s socks done for our anniversary next month. I’m past the gusset decreases on the first sock, and I have about a month to get them done. I think I have time.

I am doing a little bit of knitting for myself, though.

Pattern: Monkey Yarn: Schaefer Anne Sockittome in Northern LIghts Needles: US 1

I dug into the stash for this yarn. It was a thank you for helping my BiL register for college on time. I loved the monkeys I knit for my Florida friend Amanda, and wanted a pair for myself. There’s considerably more yardarge in this skein than what’s required for the pattern, so I’m going to add a few more repeats to the leg, then use the left overs for some very simple fingerless mitts. I’m so addicted to those things, I have three pair already.

I’m so excited that fall is finally here, and it feels like it! I can start bringing out my woolies. YAY!


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