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The German Knitting Championship. Holy Cow! Those ladies are flying along.

Oh, did I mention that I started a sweater last week? And I’ve already knit the body [more on the stinking arm holes later] and am halfway through the sleeves? I should be done tomorrow. At least, that’s the plan.

And, by the way, it’s my first sweater.



This year, Project Spectrum focuses on the elements.

FEBRUARY / MARCH – FIRE– orange, red, pink

APRIL / MAY – EARTH – green, brown, metallics

JUNE / JULY – AIR – gray, white, yellow

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER – WATER – blue, black, purple

This is my first year participating in Project Spectrum. I enjoy the aesthetic aspect of it, and seeing the ways that people [crafters/creators really] interpret the guidelines.

I always have a pair of socks on the needles, and in honor of project spectrum, I’d cast on Cookie A’s Pomatomus socks [On a side note- how are we supposed to pronounce that? I always say is POE-MA-TOE-MUS. I’ve heard it said POE-MOT-OMUS. Is either correct?] in Pagewood Farm Hand Dyed Sock Yarn in Really Red. The yarn was from my birthday yarn, and I have been waiting to get through some gift knitting and finishing up projects to cast on with it.

That didn’t last past the ribbing. Ribbing takes me FOREVER. It was really my fault, because I thought I knew better- anyways, it was P1, K1 tbl, not the other way around. [I’m sighing here. One day I’ll knit those socks. One day.]

But I did cast on for another sock, and this one is almost to the point where I’ll start the heel.

Red Sock

It’s a simple toe up sock, with cables running up either side. I’m not sure how I’m going to work the rest of the sock past the heel. I’m thinking of starting the back cables coming out of the heel and then crossing the front and back cables using increases and decreases. We’ll see. When I’ll figure it up, I’ll write up the pattern, because I really like this pattern.

I’ve also finally finished Matt’s Love Day Socks. I’m so glad they are FINALLY done.

Love Day Socks

They are big on me, but will fit Matt fine. He’s tried them on a few times just to make sure they fit. I’ve already labeled and wrapped them, and he’ll open them on Love Day. That’s just how we work.

Love Socks

I think these socks count for project spectrum, just because LOOK at the orange. It looks like one colour, but it’s actually three: orange, red-orange, and yellow. I cheated a bit and just carried the colour not in use up the side. It worked really well and you can’t tell from here. Solid plan, and I think I’ll do that again if I make stripey socks for myself.

A Sonnet

I take my needles and begin to knit,
All the different colors blend as one.
If they tangle, they can yet be snipp’d.
Knit. Purl. Knit. Purl. This row is almost done.
Which color should follow? If find your skein
To compliment my worsted yarn, my Blue.
Yours is smooth and tangle free, pleasing Green.
The pattern could be one ready to view
[Echoing life]. A cable or a lace
Or something pretty that favors stockinette.
‘Twining strings mirror our loving embrace,
Interwoven with bonds we’re ne’er to forget.
This piece goes on, it never decreases:
So does our love grow, it never ceases.

Me, April 2007*.

For more information about the Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading, celebrated each year on February 2, go here.

* I wrote this in my Sonnets class last spring. The parameters were to write a sonnet about anything, using traditional sonnet forms and ideas. I used an extended metaphor – obviously- and actually really like this poem. It’s dedicated to my sweet hubby.

That whole “blog more” thing isn’t working out as well as I would like it. School hit like a barge full of rather large, smelly things and it’s taking up more time than I thought possible. But that has not kept me from knitting. Actually, the amount of reading/writing/procrastinating I am supposed to be doing makes me knit more and faster. I think it’s because my fingers and the Yarn know that I have a limited amount of time, so I have to get as much in when I can.

It’s amazing to me how fast Eunny Jang’s Endpaper Mitts knit up. They went from this:

Endpaper Mitts

To this:

In no time at all. I think it took me about 2 weeks to finish them, but that was working on them only when I had a spare moment. I can knit 3 repeats a day of stranded knitting before my hands start to get tired, so I think I could whip out a pair of these in a week, no problem. I am thinking of making a pair of Endpaper Mittens- I cooked up a chart in Excel, did some Math [Math here meaning I guessed and measured and guessed some more] and am hoping to start those soon. I’ve been wearing these mitts every day! They keep my hands warm and I could make 90 milliony.

The weather has been cold and I have been wearing a lot of my hand knits. There is something so satisfying knowing that you’ve made something pretty and practical. I’ve received a lot of compliments on the hand knits I’ve been wearing- mostly from other knitters! I am taking a history class this semester [Burial/Ritual in Medieval Europe. The teacher looks like Professor Trelawney- I’m not kidding] and at the end of the first class I overheard someone saying “I can’t possibly buy MORE fibre!” To which I responded “There is NEVER too much.” There are actually a group of us fibre folks in my history class and one of them is Lisa from Ravelry [Hi Lisa!].

Pine Cone Scarf

This is my little Pine Cone Scarf, knitted from left overs from my Wyvern Socks. It’s light and just right when I need a little something around my neck.

I’m also working on my first honest to goodness lace shawl. I have been browsing all over Ravelry and blogs and am amazed at all of the lovely shawl and stole patterns available. The people who knit them seem to get through them so quickly, and they always looks so light and airy that I just had to try one. I had originally thought of doing Anne Hanson’s Cluaranach– but the yarn wasn’t right and I think I’ll wait until I get my graduation silk to knit that one.

I read that the Icarus Shawl was simple and good for people who “only want a little bit of lace.” Since it is my first shaw, that sounds good to me.

So instead of reading for school, of course, I cast on for Icarus:

Icarus Shawl

This is actually a practice for me; I am going to knit another one for my mother-in-law out of yarn salvaged from a sweater my father-in-law gave her that had holes in it. This one has weird pooling, but I don’t mind. I LOVE the colours. This is two repeats in three days, but those purled rest rows are getting long and longer.

Lastly, this is my travel project. I always have a pair of socks on the needles:

Striped Valentine's Day Socks

Love Day is soon, in two weeks, and it’s important to the husband that we celebrate it. We try to show love for one another everyday, but we also like to set aside the time to something really nice. It’s an excuse to get dolled up all fancy and enjoy each other’s company. We are a fairly low key and casual couple, preferring jeans and sneakers to skirts and high heels, so we take the chance when we can. I’m knitting Matt the socks above because they are obnoxiously colourful and I know he’ll love them. I have about three more repeats to knit on the leg and I’m done. I should finish them today.

Ugh, there is no sun today, and I’m never home when there is, so I’ll try to get better pictures soon.



It looks like the picture on the top today, I’d rather it look like the picture on the bottom.

Have a great weekend!

EDITED TO ADD: Stitch Marker Sale This is the etsy shop of the blogger Aija at sockpr0n. I LOVE her stitch markers- she uses semi-precious stones and pearls [haha, I almost wrote purls !!]. They are really well made- the jump rings are CLOSED and the stones don’t shift around on the head pin. I love using them even when I don’t really need a stitch marker- they are that nice. They are pretty enough just to wear alone as pendants or jewelry. I have two sets, one on the way, and am always looking to see when she updates. Go! See! Buy!
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