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Sometimes I wish I had a 36 hour day- I would get so much more done!

I know this isn’t exactly “tomorrow”, but I want to take good pictures of my knitting, and no natural light is not conducive to clear pictures. There are only a few hours where we get natural light in the house, and it comes through the back door, so I have to actually be home and not running around to catch it.

I managed to today.

Matt's Guitar Man Socks

Pattern: Guitar Man Socks [for Matt]

Yarn: Classic Elite Flash Print in Ocean

Needles: 2.75mm (US 2) [for ribbing]; 3.25 (US 3) [for body of sock] Clover Bamboo DPNs

Guitar Man Socks
I didn’t quite knit these as the pattern specified. It’s a 10 stitch pattern repeat, and these socks only have 44 stitches to them- I added another stitch at each end of the sock to keep it mostly in pattern. They are the first socks I’ve knit out of 100% cotton. It was… interesting. They look really slouchy here because Matt has already worn them and they are ready to be washed again, but I wanted to get a picture while I could. I know as soon as I wash them they will be on his feet again. [And I swear my ankles are NOT that big. It’s the angle and the stretched out sock. Anyone have any hints as how to get a more flattering pictures?]
Guitar Man Socks

I’ve knit Matt only one other thing- that was for our first Christmas as a couple. I had no idea what to get him for Christmas, so I knit him a blanket. Nothing small and simple like.. a hat, or a scarf. No, a blanket. It’s actually about the size of the blanket I knit for his dad this Christmas. He has loved it almost to the point of disintegration. It’s only 4 years old. He’s taken it everywhere with him- college, the Carribean, business trips, he even hiked up and down the Grand Canyon with it. He hasn’t asked for a knitted thing since. He really understands how much work goes into making something like that, and appreciates everything I’ve ever made him.

That is, until I started knitting socks. Matt has more clothing than I do and doesn’t really wear sweaters and has plenty of hats. He wanted socks. I love knitting socks, I always have one on the needles, and ever since he’s been looking for sock yarn that feels good to him. Most sock yarn has at least some wool in it, which makes his poor feet itch.

I went to the yarn store to peruse their end of the year sales and get my reward yarn. [I pulled all A’s this semester, I felt that I deserved some gratuitous yarn as a reward, besides I can only feel proud of my accomplishments for so long.] There was the Flash, for $3 a hank. I could easily make a sock per hank. It was cotton and colors the husband would like. I like knitting for others- it was fate. I got enough for 4 pairs of socks. We ended up going back for more.

Now that Matt’s first pair are done, I’m knitting another pair for myself.

Jigsaw Socks

These are Jigsaw socks, and they are nice mindless knitting. I’m knitting them out of my handdyed Knit Picks Bare yarn. Loverly traveling knitting- unlike these:

Endpaper Mitts

Endpaper Mitts! I saw these on Eunny Jang’s blog when she first came out with them and I’ve wanted to make them since. I didn’t think I was technically capable of executing them- but they are so simple! I dyed this yarn as well, and this is the second time of knitting this mitt. I was knitting it on a 2.75mm (US 2) set of needles, but it was way too tight. I switched to 3.25 mm (US 3) needles and I can actually get my hand in and out of it. I love love love this mitt and can’t wait to get to the finished pair. I finally¬† have the pattern memorized, and I think I may understand the thumb gusset increases. Of course, I can always rip it out and try again!

Have a great weekend, I plan on spending mine with my knits and an OC marathon.


Today’s Eye Candy is brought to you by the Marshes in Chesapeake. I took this on a walk with my husband and father on Christmas Day.

Tomorrow: First FO of 2008!

I have two last finished objects for 2007.

My dad’s Knucks are done! I didn’t take a picture of the second one before sending it because I think it’s a little too big. Matt affectionately called it Frankenglove. I hope it fits. If not- I’ll reknit it when I go down to Virginia Beach next.

One of my room mates from college and dear friend Jess always requests socks from me for any gift giving occasion. I’m slowly converting all of my friends and family to the squishy goodness of hand knit socks. Jess also learned how to knit this weekend, and has progresses to carrying needles and yarn with her where ever she goes. Another has been converted.

Jess's Boot Socks

Pattern: My own, I just made it up as I went.
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Prints in Ocean Blues
Needles: size 5 Denise Interchangeables,
Time to knit: 24 December 2007 – 25 December 2007

She loves them, and they were so much fun to knit.

I did manage to finish all of my Christmas knitting, even if a lot of it was accomplished by making my husband hide in the bathroom.

Fil Blanket

My Lap looked like this for much of the time, trying to get the blanket done. It kept me nice and toasty while I was working on it, and my FiL loved it.

I did get Matt’s scarf knitted but not blocked, that’ll happen Friday on laundry day.


2007 was the Year of Adjustment. Being Married, in school, family, traveling, all sorts of things.

I flew for the first time ever! I left the country. I flew BY MYSELF. I knit socks. I sewed garments that fit. I met a lot of new people by not being so shy. [Yeah, I know, me? Shy? It happens.] I learned a little more what it really means to be married.

I don’t set resolutions because I won’t keep them. I don’t last more than 90 seconds- “Won’t eat the chocolate in the freezer. MMM. Chocolate.” But I’d like to make some general goals, just because putting them down makes me a little more accountable.

I’m going to start training for our backpacking trip in Europe. This means better eating, way more walking. Also Planning and Setting a Date for this may be a good idea [right now we’re thinking either next year or three years from now]. I want to be able to enjoy myself when we’re over there, and be able to keep up with my husband, who has a very different view of vacationing than I do.

I’m going to knit 2 sweaters this year: one baby for practice, and a grown up one. They will be successful and lovely. I have a slight fear of sweaters as I rarely get gauge, and my math isn’t as strong as I would like it to be. [ I once added 4 and 7 and got 24. The math was evident on the page.] My slight fear of sweaters is mostly because I’ve never knit one, but doesn’t come from a book like my fear of socks did. * My dad rarely asks me for anything, especially hand knit, and we’re designing an Aran Cable sweater together.

I’m going to continue to buy yarn [and eventually fiber! I had a dream about spinning last night] thoughtfully, and knit through what I have before buying more. I tend to do this anyway, but it can’t hurt to vocalize it.

I’d like to blog more, and become a stronger writer. The more I write, the less I come to see it as an evil necessity. I don’t want to be brilliant- just coherent and stronger. Always room to improve and grow.

I’m going to apply to Grad School.

I’m going to try to be less shy, less fearless, more compassionate, more giving, and more forgiving.

Happy 2008! May it be a year of laugher, joy, and hope!

* This is actually a really ironic story. I’m an avid reader, and have been since I was young. I was new to knitting, and read one of the American Girl books in the Molly series. They were going to knit socks for a school project, and the main character didn’t like to because they were HARD. Turning the heel was difficult and used 5 [!] needles. It influenced me for years. I was terrified of knitting socks because they would be difficult and they were what defined a Knitter to me. I’ve found that turning heels are fiddly at times, but not all that difficult.