2 weeks

Until Christmas. One week of finals, yay!

This weekend has been somewhat productive. Matt working from home on Friday, and it totally threw off my knitting mojo- how am I supposed to knit for him if he’s at home? Normally I can knit in front of him with out any problem, but he’s one of those non-knitter husbands who is actually interested in what I am working on, which is not conducive to knitting gifts in front of him. Phooey.

But I did start my Dad’s Knucks last night.

Dad's Knucks

They looked like this when I picked them up again this afternoon:

Dad's Knucks

And they look like this now:

Dad's Knucks

Done! Well, with one. I need to order another skein for the second one; I hope to get to that tonight so I can get them soon. I need to finish my dad’s before I finish the blanket for the FiL since I’ll see my family first this holiday.

I also did some dyeing.


This is for my mom’s tam. It’s actually a bit more purple than this, but it was my first try with acid dyes, and I think it turned out really well. I’ve used Kool Aide before, and while I like the friendliness of it, I like the colors from the Jacquard much better.

Emerald Isle

I’m not quite done with this one yet, I need to set it in another vinegar bath to make sure the color is really set. Matt’s Mom’s side of the family is Irish- they even still have family back in the Old Country. His grandmother went over for a visit in early October and brought me back some wool per my request. I love this wool- it’s Aran weight, and it was a little lanolin-y still. I had to wash it before I dyed it, but I like to think it smelled like Ireland. I can’t wait to use this, I just need to figure out what to make with it!


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