Well, it isn’t Friday Morning, but I’m still in my jammies.

Wow. It really looks like I haven’t been knitting much; I have, it’s just all been put on on Ravelry and not here. [My Ravelry id is amazonmink, for those who’d like a peek].

I’m chugging along on Christmas knitting. I can’t believe I only have three weeks an unspecified short amount of time to get everything done.

Note to self: Plan for gift knitting earlier next year, ok? That’s a Good Idea.

  • Matt’s DNA cable scarf- if I knit 1 repeat a day, I can get it done by Christmas. This is a total surprise, as we bought each other new flat ware for Christmas. From a ball in my stash. I totally win in the surprise.
  • Matt’s Dad’s lap blanket- this I have to knit in cotton or some kind of non-woolly blend. How did I end up marrying someone whose family is allergic to wool? It’s only 9 12 x 12 inch squares. Done on big needles, that shouldn’t take too long, right? I hope I can put this off until New Years.
  • My dad’s Knucks. oy.
  • Both My brother and My BiL want hats. We’ll see how this goes. Oh, and so does my Mom. Hats are quick, yeah?

Luckily, Matt’s Mom and my almost Stepmother are finished. I’m done for the semester … next week (? I should really check that) and then it’s free knitting time. Matt understands.

  1. AlisonH said:

    Best of luck! Me, I only have one week before I’m flying to where and who my undone presents have to be knitted up for. Help!…

  2. Hi! I found you through your link to my blog (Thank you!!)

    That’s quite an ambitious Christmas list – Good luck & hang in there!! I’m quite the selfish knitter (and know myself for the over-ly ambitious girl I am!) and I just can’t do the knitted Christmas gift thing, much as I would love my favorite people to be swaddled in knitted warmth. My guy is still waiting for a sweater I started for him about a year ago now. I say “Kudos!” to all you gift knitters out there, and please hang on to your sanity this holiday season 😉

    I’ll look you up on Ravelry…

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