Monthly Archives: December 2007

Until Christmas. One week of finals, yay!

This weekend has been somewhat productive. Matt working from home on Friday, and it totally threw off my knitting mojo- how am I supposed to knit for him if he’s at home? Normally I can knit in front of him with out any problem, but he’s one of those non-knitter husbands who is actually interested in what I am working on, which is not conducive to knitting gifts in front of him. Phooey.

But I did start my Dad’s Knucks last night.

Dad's Knucks

They looked like this when I picked them up again this afternoon:

Dad's Knucks

And they look like this now:

Dad's Knucks

Done! Well, with one. I need to order another skein for the second one; I hope to get to that tonight so I can get them soon. I need to finish my dad’s before I finish the blanket for the FiL since I’ll see my family first this holiday.

I also did some dyeing.


This is for my mom’s tam. It’s actually a bit more purple than this, but it was my first try with acid dyes, and I think it turned out really well. I’ve used Kool Aide before, and while I like the friendliness of it, I like the colors from the Jacquard much better.

Emerald Isle

I’m not quite done with this one yet, I need to set it in another vinegar bath to make sure the color is really set. Matt’s Mom’s side of the family is Irish- they even still have family back in the Old Country. His grandmother went over for a visit in early October and brought me back some wool per my request. I love this wool- it’s Aran weight, and it was a little lanolin-y still. I had to wash it before I dyed it, but I like to think it smelled like Ireland. I can’t wait to use this, I just need to figure out what to make with it!


Like most other parts in the country, it’s snowing here outside of D.C. I fully intend on sending pictures to my family back in Virginia Beach who yearn and long for snow. It’s cold, so we have candles lit in every part of the apartment, and I’ve finished my last assignment for the semester! All I have left are finals, but they are next week, so I’m not going to worry about them. (I’m generally very zen about finals. I’m so hyped up the rest of the semester that I figure if I don’t know it by now, I’m not going to.)

Even with the last bit of the semester to finish, I’m plugging along with my Christmas knitting. It’s actually much smaller than it normally is, even with the extended family put in. I like to hand make my gifts as much as is feasible- I think it shows so much more thought and love than buying something and I can use up stuff I have stashed at home. Yay less consumerism and stuff in my house.

FiL Blanket

I’m knitting my FiL’s lap blanket out of acrylic. Eugh. I hate the way it feels, but if he even looks at wool he gets itchy. He’ll like it, and that’s what really matters. I have two squares done, and a third about 1/2 way done. These three squares are knit diagonally, just so that I could get the size right. I’m going to knit the remaining squares by picking up stitches from the slipped edges and then knitting to size. I figured that out all on my own; it makes me feel pretty smart.

Matt's Scarf

Hehe. This makes me giggle because my husband, who is sick at home today- poor thing, is laying in bed next to me. The internet is being fussy, so I have to use the laptop in bed. I’m not complaining. Anywho, I take this one to school with me. It lived in my bookbag and Matt never goes in there, so it’s a great place to hide it. I knit a couple rows in between classes and I’ve done that much (I think it’s about 3 1/2 repeats). This is a fairly quick knit, and I can’t wait to be done with it so I can move on to more interesting things.

German Stockings

This is the first half of Cookie A’s German Stocking. I have a six inch difference between my calf and ankle, and whoo boy you can see it here! I’m a little worn out on knitting this, just because in the time it’s taken me to knit this much, I could have knit a pair of socks. That, and I’ve misplaced a needle. Grrr. This is also on my list of things to get done during winter break so I’ll be warm in school.

St. Nicholas day is tomorrow, I wonder who will be getting chocolate in their shoes?

Wow. It really looks like I haven’t been knitting much; I have, it’s just all been put on on Ravelry and not here. [My Ravelry id is amazonmink, for those who’d like a peek].

I’m chugging along on Christmas knitting. I can’t believe I only have three weeks an unspecified short amount of time to get everything done.

Note to self: Plan for gift knitting earlier next year, ok? That’s a Good Idea.

  • Matt’s DNA cable scarf- if I knit 1 repeat a day, I can get it done by Christmas. This is a total surprise, as we bought each other new flat ware for Christmas. From a ball in my stash. I totally win in the surprise.
  • Matt’s Dad’s lap blanket- this I have to knit in cotton or some kind of non-woolly blend. How did I end up marrying someone whose family is allergic to wool? It’s only 9 12 x 12 inch squares. Done on big needles, that shouldn’t take too long, right? I hope I can put this off until New Years.
  • My dad’s Knucks. oy.
  • Both My brother and My BiL want hats. We’ll see how this goes. Oh, and so does my Mom. Hats are quick, yeah?

Luckily, Matt’s Mom and my almost Stepmother are finished. I’m done for the semester … next week (? I should really check that) and then it’s free knitting time. Matt understands.